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All DC Multiverse Comic Stories That Should Become Movies (Vol.2)

DC’s Multiverse is expanding big time with The Flash, and there are several DC Multiverse Comic Stories that should be made into movies this list is a continuation of Vol.1. Be sure to check that one out as well. Now, let’s count down the rest of the amazing multiverse stories without further ado:

Crisis on Infinite Earths

This is one of the most famous comic arcs in the history of DC comics. It was preceded by Blackest Night and Brightest Day focused on the Green Lantern Corps. But this story is very famous for the death of Batman, although it was later revealed that the person who died was actually a clone. This clone also comes back to life with the Black Power ring but that is a story for another time. Crisis on Infinite Earths was one of the first major multiversal arcs that DC ever pulled at the turn of the century. It was a big hit with the fans and maybe that is the reason that they tried to replicate it in their TV universes but failed miserably. We just hope that we get to see a movie version soon

The Flashpoint Paradox

The Flashpoint paradox revolves around Barry Allen traveling back in time to save his mother from being murdered. The entire thing is very emotional, but as any comic fan can tell you there are some serious consequences to messing with the timeline. It can be disastrous and this time it is. The Flash returns to his time to discover the world in chaos.

DC Multiverse Comic Stories

Aquaman and Wonder Woman have declared war on each other, Superman is a prisoner, and Batman is dead. Well, Bruce Wayne died as a child but now the Batman mantle is used by Thomas Wayne. Dr. Wayne endorses the use of lethal force, unlike his child. The entire premise is very interesting and was adapted into a very successful animated feature film. A version of this is happening in The Flash (2022). But we would love to see the authentic Flashpoint story be adapted into live-action.

The Button

The Flashpoint paradox created a splinter in our timeline. A universe that was never supposed to be created came into existence, not only that it lived for a little while before perishing so it persisted even after Flash reset the timeline. The Splinter gave Dr. Manhattan the chance to seize the multiverse and start affecting universes as he desired. The Flash and Batman traveled to various universes using the cosmic treadmill to solve this conundrum. This comic saw the meeting of Thomas Wayne Batman and Bruce Wayne Batman, something that the fans had been asking for, for a while. It will absolutely destroy the box office if it were to be made into a movie, which it should be.

Justice League Doom War

The universe began with primordial things, more carnal, more extreme, and everlasting. There were the Monitors, The Anti-Monitor, and the World Forger who gave birth to the universe. There was also Perpetua but it turned evil at some point. The three great entities enslaved Perpetua in an everlasting prison. Lex Luthor is the greatest mind in the DC universe but sometimes his plans can be very daft.

DC Multiverse Comic Stories

The man sought to empower Perpetua sparking the Justice League Doom War. This ear stretched far and wide in the multiverse and timelines as the heroes struggled to collect the three pieces of the Totality. This was the only thing that could put a stop to Perpetua’s rampage and restore peace. A movie of this scale would be hard to manage but absolutely brilliant to watch if pulled off properly.

Flash of Two Worlds

This is a very classic Flash story. It revolves around one of the oldest versions of Barry Allen and features the first time Earth-2 was introduced to the DC reader. This is also perhaps the first time DC used the multiverse trope to have heroes team-up. During a fundraiser by Iris West, The Flash starts vibrating at a certain frequency, and before he knows he is transported to Earth-2, a parallel version of his universe that is still in the Golden Age. Here Barry Allen comes face to face with Jay Garrick and the two stop multiple criminals together. It is a very generic comic, but it helps to remember that it was the first comic book story to ever use this writing trope. We have come a long way since then. But a movie on the topic would be pretty nice.

This is where our list of DC Multiverse Comic Stories comes to an end. Which of these stories do you think should be adapted into a movie? Let us know in the comments.

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