Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Vin Diesel’s Upcoming Superhero Movie “Bloodshot”

When it comes to Superheroes, only two comic book publications come to mind – DC Comics and Marvel Comics. DC and Marvel have been the giants of the comic book industry since ages. But recently, their fair share of profits are being encroached upon by newer, smaller comic book publishers with a knack for fresher and more experimental storytelling.


Valiant Comics is one among a whole range of new players in town and Sony Pictures has just bought the publications rights to their superheroes. Among Valiant comics’ good guys, the one that is the most famous is arguably Bloodshot. And Sony Pictures has roped in Vin “Dominic Toretto” Diesel to play the part. The movie is going through some exciting new developments and we would like you to know about it. Here’s everything you need to know about Vin Diesel’s upcoming superhero movie “Bloodshot”.

Bloodshot was a character that was originally introduced under the valiant umbrella. The character has been the flag bearer of valiant comics. The alpha to their omega and the reason for the publications commercial success of any. The entire character of bloodshot has been largely an allegory for the American action hero. The clichés are known as such for the very reason that they work.

Bloodshot is the cash cow at valiant comics, it is the go to comic story for newcomers. The first issue, which has been the largest sold issue of all time at valiant comics, was famously published without any apparent text on the cover. The comic went on to become the greatest of all time at valiant.

Three new actors have been roped in by the Studio to play a part in the new Superhero movie that is completely unrelated to both DC and Marvel Comics Universe. The actors are veterans of their field and are quite talented and well accomplished. Sam Heughan of Outlander fame is the first name that has been announced as a part of this movie project.

Ezia Gonzalez, best known for her femme fatale role in Baby Driver, is the second actor to join the fray. The last actor to be a part of the list is actually the biggest and baddest of them all. The amazingly awesome Michael sheen of Underworld fame is also going to star in Sony’s Bloodshot.

Vin Diesel was actually the first actor to join the list. As a matter of fact, Vin Diesel being a part of the project was actually the first real piece of evidence we had for confirming the Bloodshot movie has been confirmed to have been greenlit by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Vin will be joining three new co-stars as other actors are selected to star in this huge comic book venture.

The Director for this movie is Dave Wilson. The Director has been carefully selected after the Studio executives sifted through dozens of potential candidates to come up with the correct choice. Dave Wilson, who has been the creator of several blockbuster video game trailers, will be heading the show as Bloodshot’s Director in his debut Hollywood movie. The studio did take a chance by hiring a rookie as the Director. It seems like experiments aren’t just a Valiant thing after all.

Vin Diesel’s Upcoming Superhero Movie Bloodshot

Variety is the one that should be credited with this piece of news. The Magazine reports that Michael Sheen, Ezia Gonzalez and Sam Heughan will be joining this project. But the magazine stays mum about other details regarding bloodshot. What we do know is the fact that apart from Vin Diesel playing the eponymous Hero of the movie, Michael Sheen will be playing Dr. Emil Harting and Sam Heughan will be portraying Corporal Harlan on screen. Ezia Gonzalez’s role is still a mystery as of this moment.

The character of bloodshot represents the American action hero so famous during the yesteryear of movies. With the initial publication of the first run of the character at valiant, the character became an instant hit with the readers selling millions of copies. The revenue reached as high as $65 million before the complete overhaul of the series.

As the series returned to the stores we saw a shift in tone from a largely story-based perspective in the valiant comics’ version of Bloodshot to a more adaptive story that could be favorable for adoption into video games. Bloodshot was a soldier in the mighty American army who developed regeneration and meta morphing powers. But what are the source of these incredible feats of this run of the mill soldiers you see.

The thing is that this individual was given these powers by the technological marvels of nanites ( microscopic nano bots). The army in valiant comics had a project by the name of Rising Spirit, the objective of this program was to create the ultimate soldier. The perfect soldier program has given us a lot of heroes and great characters throughout the years. We’ve seen writers use this super soldier program as a plot device many times over the years. Steve Rogers aka Captain America is the most popular one. Even the Incredible Hulk is a product of this.

Sony Pictures aims to make their shared cinematic Universe franchise like the MCU and the DCEU out of Bloodshot, the most popular character of the Valiant Universe, who will be used as a pedestal like Iron Man was for the MCU. To do that they need to leave no stone unturned. Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot will be supported by a powerful cast that includes Michael sheen playing a mad scientist that creates Bloodshot in one of his insane experiments and Sam Heughan’s Corporal Harlan ‘So Long’ Shifflet also just so happens to be a major Valiant Universe character.

We do have some theories as to what Character Ezia Gonzalez will be playing in the movie. Our foremost theory is that she will be playing Kareena Pillai, Bloodshot’s romantic interest who has a “moral code unlike his colleagues”. She is 22 years younger than Vin Diesel but as that didn’t gross out people when Ezia was matched up with John Hamm in Baby Driver, don’t start complaining now.

Vin diesel is an action hero, he has been an action hero for oh so long. We have seen this plot device do wonders for him in movies like Riddick and even Fast and Furious. The man is born to play an augmented overpowered badass that takes on anyone and everyone. We will see the rise of Vin Diesel as the augmented soldier and as the superhuman bloodshot that valiant readers have praised for oh so long. But the question remains – Is Vin diesel the right choice?

Well, this might be a slam dunk for the casting industry. We will see the onset of bloodshot into the cinematic universe and maybe it will be the redemption of the comic movies after the stagnation that is the MCU and the disaster that was the DCEU. Can we hope to see a better movie franchise that inspires to do something better than the stagnation and crisis of current comic book movies. Or is this just a fools hope.


We don’t know, all we know is that we are going to see the classical action hero take on a completely new badass comic character and he will bring this soldier to life. I wonder what the plot might be. The cast might be intriguing and the development process will be full of rumors and maybe even pitfalls. But we will see the definite onset of a fresh new universe. This will introduce the comic book movie industry with much needed novelty.

Bloodshot is still currently under development. Filming is supposed to begin this summer. There are possibly six more characters that need to be cast in the movie. Let’s hope the movie does well and we have yet another movie franchise that could rival the MCU and the DCEU.

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