Here’s Why Wanda Has a Bloody Face In New Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

The new trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out, and it could not have been scarier. The trailer has many hidden details, clues, and hints that we are tired of rewatching. However, the most crucial detail of the trailer that we can’t stop talking about is the blood on Wanda’s face. Many fans and theorists have taken on the internet to discuss why Wanda has a bloody face. So here is our take on the matter.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the upcoming MCU movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular hero. By now, all we heard were rumors about the different cameos in the movie. However, with this new trailer on YouTube, the Studios threw so many hints at us that our minds blew away. For example, the appearance of Patrick Stewart, Superior Iron Man(played by Tom Cruise), and multiple iterations of the Scarlet Witch. After the trailer, we are almost sure that at least one of those iterations will be the ultimate villain of the movie. And it will not be the Zombie variant, that’s for sure.



Throughout the MCU, we think everybody knows that Wanda’s origin has been the most tragic one. Losing her parents at the young age of 10, going through a series of harsh experiments under mad scientists, and then losing her brother when she got the tiniest bit of freedom. And just as she was starting to come to terms with her losses, Thanos took away the love of her life. There are many villains out there whose origin stories are less harsh than this. But Wanda defied the odds and remained good, but the question needs to be asked, for how long? And with her dialogues and expressions in the trailer, many think that she has switched over to the dark side.


Why Wanda Has a Bloody Face

At approximately 2 minutes in the trailer, a shot shows Wanda with pure rage in her eyes. And complementing her bloodthirsty eyes, was a scary amount of blood covering half of her face. And if that doesn’t scare someone, the hex magic rising in the palm of her hands is enough to send someone into a neverending nightmare. Cut to a couple of seconds, we can see a close-up of her eyes, which we will get to later.


After all that Wanda went through, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before she made the switch. However, the trailer confused us in ways we can’t even imagine. By introducing multiple Wanda(s) in the mix, we are not sure if it is the Wanda of MCU who has blood on her face, or some other universe’s. We can see two of the Wandas in a house that very closely resembles the MCU’s Wanda’s make-believe house in Westview. However, some minor differences make us think if Wanda has achieved what she set out to do. That is, finding variants of her kids throughout the multiverse. And we know that the path ain’t easy, but her stubbornness at this point made her the very villain that everyone feared.



Why Wanda Has a Bloody Face

When the camera zoomed in on Wanda’s eyes, they were telling a whole story. By now, we know that Wanda, with her knowledge of the Darkhold, will be looking for her kids’ variants. And this will lead her to some dark corners of the Multiverse where escaping will not be easy. She might end up on a seemingly endless killing spree (We know it is a stretch but this is all we want from the strongest MCU character). This theory, however, explains the covering of Wanda’s face with blood.


However, her deeds will not go unpunished. In her eyes, we can see a silhouette that is quite similar to the cage in which we see America Chavez. It is interesting to note that this place is right where Doctor Strange is taken when he is taken in by the Iron Bots. Maybe, this is an agency just like the TVA, but with a slight difference. That is, they arrest the violators of a hypothetical Rule Book of the Multiverse instead of stopping the creation of the multiverse altogether.


We are explaining this because many theorists believe that Wanda didn’t end up at the multiversal prison because of a killing spree. Instead, she went there deliberately to rescue Strange. However, with Professor X, a Black Panther, and Mordo at the high table, things were meant to go out of hand. And that led to Wanda’s bloody face. We find this theory more believable than many others out there. This goes in line with Strange meeting up with Wanda in the teaser and asking for her help.


There are hundreds of theories on every social media platform. Ours is only one of them. By the looks of the trailer, we know that this movie will not be like other MCU movies. It will be darker, scarier, and more violent. And with a lot more cameos. So be ready for more news every day because we will not stop giving out theories.

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