A MAJOR Superstar Will Get Her Toes Wet For Aquaman

DCEU has been getting a lot of bad news for its upcoming projects which have left critics to wonder if the studio will be able to survive this bad period. One project that has yet to face problems is James Wan’s Aquaman. The movie just cast the role of its supervillain Black Manta with actor Yahya Adul-Mateen II. The movie proceeds to raise up its profile with another shocking casting.
A MAJOR Superstar Will Get Her Toes Wet For Aquaman

The Hollywood Reporter states that Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Arthur Curry aka Aquaman’s mother Atlanta. Kidman’s gravitas in the film might just be what the project needs to get people more curious. This will not be the first time Kidman has been part of a DC film. The actress had previously starred as Batman’s love interest Dr.Chase Meridian in Batman Forever.The site also reports that Kidman had been circling for a part in Wonder Woman which should not be surprising, given the actress’ own Amazonian stature.

Queen Atlanna was first introduced in Adventure Comics #260. She had gotten into an accident caused by a huge storm.She was found and taken care of by lighthouse keeper Tom Curry.They fell in love and bore a son named Arthur. Aquaman never knew his mother as she died early on but confessed her identity on her deathbed. The character was given a new backstory in the New 52 era which saw Atlanta faking her own death to escape the oppressive rule in Atlantis.

THR does not cite how big the role will be or how much backstory will be explored for the upcoming film. With a name like Kidman in the film, fans should expect great character interpretation along with its already impressive cast that includes William Defoe, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard and of course, Jason Mamoa in the title role of Aquaman.

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