Top 10 Best Villain Based Franchises of All Time

Best Villain Based Franchises:

A Good Villain is a pre-requisite for a good movie but to have a Villain as the central figure of a movie, it has to be something special. These iconic villains have managed to build multi-million-dollar franchises as the fans love to see them kill others on the big screen.

#10: Final Destination

Best Villain Based Franchises

Villain in Focus: The Grim Reaper (Death)

Total No. of Movies: 6*

This franchise has taught us that Death can come in any given situation and in the most gruesome way possible. One could consider these movies to be completely bizarre and unrealistic but the outrageous death scenes are the main reason behind the franchise’s popularity.

#9: Child’s Play

Unnecessary Movie Remakes

Villain in Focus: Chucky

Total No. of Movies: 8

Chucky the doll has terrorized the audience for decades now and after the recent reboot, we believe the franchise is going live for several years. Chucky is the reason why we cannot trust dolls. The franchise has a very strong following and it has transformed into an iconic franchise.

#8: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Most Profitable Movies

Villain in Focus: Leatherface

Total No. of Movies: 8

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is a pop-culture classic that focuses on the truly horrifying character of Leatherface and his family of psychopathic cannibalistic serial killers. All the movies in the franchise operate on a similar theme but they are still fun to watch due to the gore and intensity.

#7: Predator

Scariest Aliens from Movies

Villain in Focus: The Yautja (Predators)

Total No. of Movies: 6

The Predator franchise has had its fair share of sequels, reboots, and spin-offs which have gathered mixed reviews from the fans over the years but it is still considered to be one of the best action sci-fi franchises of all time. The original is still the best movie all thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

#6: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Villain in Focus: Freddy Krueger

Total No. of Movies: 9

Freddy Krueger was a child killer who was burnt alive by the vengeful parents of his victims, and then he came back from the dead to terrorize others in their dreams. People are afraid of having dreams after watching these movies as Freddy’s impact on pop culture has been immense.

#5: Friday the 13th

Villain in Focus: Jason Voorhees

Total No. of Movies: 12

The biggest lesson we take from this franchise is that one should never go to a secluded area with a bunch of friends for camping. The movies in this franchise are enjoyable as the fans love Jason’s character, even though he is a hardcore serial killer.

#4: Saw

Biggest Horror Movie Icons

Villain in Focus: The Jigsaw

Total No. of Movies: 9*

This franchise was never intended to be this big as no one expected the first movie to do so well. Jigsaw always gives people a chance to redeem themselves and even though his methods are straight-up crazy, he is still loved by the fans. He just wants to play a game, so what’s the harm in that?

#3: Halloween

Worst Horror Movie Remakes

Villain in Focus: Michael Myers

Total No. of Movies: 13*

The Halloween franchise is one of the most iconic slasher franchises of all time and it is still going strong. Michael Myers has proved that no one is safe as long as he is around. The psychotic serial killer has murdered many innocent people over the years but the fans don’t mind that as they still love his movies.

#2: Hannibal Lecter

Best Villain Based Franchises

Villain in Focus: Hannibal The Cannibal

Total No. of Movies: 5

Hannibal Lecter is one of the most dangerous fictional serial killers of all time as he is methodical, precise and follows a moral code. He is not just another madman hungry for murder, he uses intelligence and intense planning to ‘hunt’ other humans.

#1: Alien

Best Villain Based Franchises

Villain in Focus: Xenomorphs

Total No. of Movies: 8

This franchise changed the entire landscape of science fiction. All the movies in the franchise have something different to offer and that is what makes this franchise very enjoyable and fresh. The franchise has adapted and evolved very well over the years – a remarkable feat as hardly any other franchise could manage that.

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