The Amazing Lazlo

Want to bend your mind? Want Lazlo to do it for you?

Here’s the deal…Ambrus and Lazlo are not from this world. They were sent to planet Earth to collect souls, 666 of them to be exact. If they succeed, their Master will be given our planet to reign over.

However, if they fail, their planet will be destroyed. It’s a bizarre game that these two characters play. With so much at stake, and the lure of easy money that’s used to seize unsuspecting souls, it looks like Mother Earth will be taken control of shortly. Or is there a hero that’s prepared to meet the challenge?

This is an interesting/entertaining short film written, directed, and starring my good friend Joseph Rozzo. It’s only the second project of this nature that he undertook and is already five years old.

I hope it will serve as a reminder and inspiration to us that the inspiration for creativity is all around us, we just need to tap into it. Whether you are an actor, writer, musician, or artist of any genre, stay original. Be creative and share your vision with the rest of the world. I for one will thank you. Enjoy the movie. Peace.

Rocco Marinelli

Rocco is the VP here at QuirkyByte, and he has been writing since he could hold a crayon. He is a huge fan of music, nature, the arts and anything unique, or creative. Physical fitness is also a passion for him. Currently Rocco resides in upstate New York.
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