Who is The Secret Leader of the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk

She-Hulk’s third episode did quite a bit. It brought Megan Thee Stallion, who made She-Hulk move those green buns. Then Wong showers up to free the Abomination. And finally, we were introduced to another small group of villains from the books, the Wrecking crew. They came in with stolen Asgardian weapons, which were ineffective against She-Hulk. But they had a mystery boss as well. So, we’re going to check out who the secret leader of the Wrecking crew is.

Apparently, the Wrecking crew was on a mission to steal She-Hulk’s super blood. But they failed big time because her green skin could not be pierced. As the first episode is established, Jennifer’s blood is special. So it would always play at a certain point in the series. But who is after her blood? Here are a few candidates for the secret leader of the Wrecking crew:


Power Broker

Sharon Carter was revealed as the Power Broker, and even though she doesn’t have access to any more super soldier serum, she could still sell off some advanced CIA tech to the highest bidders. At the same time, she could have hired the Wrecking Crew to steal She-Hulk’s blood for further super soldier experiments.


Robot Zola

The original plans for Captain America 3 were supposed to bring Zola back in his comic-accurate Zola body. That didn’t happen, but Zola could still be alive. A mystery persona hired Crossbones to steal a bioweapon back in Civil War. Someone also hired Sonny Burch to steal Hank Pym’s lab as well. So both these shady bosses could be Zola itself. And now he could have hired the Wrecking crew.



Wilson Fisk recently made his MCU debut, and it almost seemed like he was juicing up some Super Soldier serum himself. So when that did not work out against Kate and Maya, Fisk could be looking for an upgrade. So he might have hired the Wrecking crew to use the Hulk blood for himself.


The Leader

Secret leader of the Wrecking crew

The secret leader of the Wrecking crew could be Samuel Sterns, aka the Leader. And he is likely the one who hired the Wrecking crew. He was mutated by Hulk’s blood and became super smart. He knows what a Hulk’s blood could do. So he must want She-Hulk’s blood for his own experiments. Maybe he wants to create an army of people like himself.


But most importantly, Thunderbolts movie is coming, and he is supposed to be the villain of that film. So, his villainous arc has to be set up by an appearance in the She-Hulk series.

Who else do you think could be the secret leader of the Wrecking crew? Let us know in the comments.

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