Kingpin Returns in New Set Photos of Echo Series (He’s Much Bigger Now!)

The Hawkeye series did not amount to much as far as the story of the larger MCU is concerned. But it did one good thing by introducing us to the mob boss running the streets of New York, i.e., Kingpin. And even Echo got a start. Now she is returning to lead her solo series, where Daredevil is also expected to appear. But guess what, even Kingpin is returning as he didn’t die towards the end of Hawkeye. New set photos of Echo have revealed his return.

New Set Photos of Echo

It is no spoiler that he survived Hawkeye because that’s what happened in the comics when Echo shot him. He was revealed to be alive, but his eyes were damaged. We expected something like that to happen in the MCU as well. Echo shot Kingpin off camera as we only heard the sound of a gunshot. But it seems that she didn’t shoot Fisk at all. She let him go because he doesn’t even have a scratch on his face.


Take a look:

And another peculiar detail about Kingpin is that he seems much bigger than the Netflix version. We could already see this in Hawkeye, but we also theorized in the past that he could be a super soldier or perhaps an enhanced individual in the MCU. That’s why he could withstand many attacks in the Hawkeye series finale. All this will be adequately revealed when we see Echo next year.


Most people weren’t a hundred percent sold on Echo in Hawkeye. But you’ve got to watch her series because Daredevil is set to show up. And he might even transition from his yellow & red suit to his new Black suit with a tiny bit of red on it. Are you excited to see the return of Echo in these new set photos of Echo? Let us know in the comments.


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