5 INSANE Things You Never Knew About Drax The Destroyer From Guardians of The Galaxy

Drax made his debut in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but that’s not where his character should be limited to. The character has enjoyed a versatile storyline in the Marvel comics. Here are five facts you should know about Drax The Destroyer:

Drax was Created To Destroy Thanos:

5 Facts You Should Know About Drax The Destroyer From Guardians Of The Galaxy

In Iron Man #55, the sentient being known as Kronos created Drax The Destroyer. He took the mind of the human Arthur Douglas and put it in the body of the alien being known as Drax. Kronos created Drax with the singular purpose of having him kill Thanos.Kronos was actually Thanos’ grandfather, but since Thanos has a very screwed up family backdrop, this should not be too surprising.

Thanos Killed His Family:

Before he was Drax, he was Arthur Douglas. A real estate agent whose wife and a child was murdered by Thanos’ spaceship. When Kronos put Arthur’s mind into a new body, his hatred for Thanos only manifested and he had a singular goal-Seek revenge on Thanos for what he did to his family.

He Is Pretty Powerful:

While the first  Guardians of The Galaxy may have showcased his immense strength, the comic version of Drax has more awesome powers which the sequel will hopefully showcase. In the comics, Drax can fly and is able to shoot beams out of his hands. Combined with his immense tenacity to fight with massive strength, Drax is an unbeatable force.

Drax Is One Of The Protectors Of The Infinity Stones:

Drax is actually part of a super team known as The Infinity Watch whose prime focus is to protect the Infinity Stones. Drax has the power to protect the gem’s power and kept it in the most surprising location for protection. While his fellow Watch members wore it on their foreheads, Drax swallowed the gem he was to protect.

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Aquaman Was Nearly Drax:

Jason Mamoa who plays Aquaman in DCEU’s Justice League was originally set to play the character of Drax. The actor passed on the role with the fear of being typecast as the brooding brute as he had previously portrayed Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones. The role went to wrestler Dave Bautista who was so happy to get his first role that he openly cried tears of joy.

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