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10 Greatest What If Episode 2 Details You Did Not Notice

The second episode of What If…? finally dropped and we got some interesting moments. The second episode focused on T’Challa if he was the one who became Star Lord. Yondu outsources the works to his minions in this version of the universe and hence they abduct the young crown prince of Wakanda rather than Peter Quill. This creates a snowball effect that changes everything in the universe. But did you catch all the MCU references and nods, because there were so many? Don’t worry we have compiled a list of 10 Greatest What If Episode 2 Details that you may not have noticed:

Amazing What If Episode 2 Details

Legendary Outlaw Star-Lord

In the main (and canon) MCU timeline Ronan’s goons ambush Peter Quill’s Star-Lord much in the same way that T’Challa is attacked by Korath. But the interesting thing about this bit is that this is not the MCU Star-Lord. Peter Quill was just a boy, T’Challa has the King’s Blood flowing in his veins. He fostered peace throughout the galaxy, this led to him being known as a hero called Star-Lord. Peter Quill merely used the moniker to talk himself up, but T’Challa, he did become a “Star-Lord”. The legendary outlaw is so famous in this alternate timeline that Korath is teetering on the edge of being called a fanboy for his antics. But we soon find out that the repute is for good reason. I mean, in this timeline T’Challa even managed to rein in The Mad Titan.

Wakanda’s Technology

We always knew that Wakanda is a very advanced civilization, using the vibranium has allowed them to create incredible machines. Some that even our scientists could never replicate. We see a beautiful rendition of the Wakandan territory in 3D animation. Even the concept art of the episode looks fascinating, but what one could have never predicted is that the Wakandans perfected deep space travel. A Wakandan ship is found in the Collector’s vault, this means that they ventured into deep space in search of their prince. Bear in mind, that this technology is hard to figure out, even for someone as smart as Tony Stark, who was stranded on Titan and couldn’t make it back. This was one of the greatest details of the episode.

Genocide? But it’s efficient

That Feeling when you find a character in the multiverse who sounds like a well-meaning joke your buddy made up while you were exchanging theories? That is what Thanos feels like in this episode. He is reformed, he went “straight” as did Yondu for that matter. This means that T’Challa has had a positive impact on everyone around him but none more than Thanos. In the main MCU timeline, Thanos took down The Hulk with ease. He was not fazed by the Avengers’ onslaught, by the time he reached Earth, he already had all the stone to completely decimate our forces. The Black Order was his subordinates. But in the T’Challa universe, Star-Lord is the hero who stopped the mad titan by making him a good guy.

Nebula’s Body

What If Episode 2 Details

Not only do we love Karen Gillian, but we also love the character design of Nebula in this episode. The character looks like a princess. She has the charm and the etiquette but she also kicks ass in her own way. Nebula in the MCU is scarred and hurt. She is tortured by her father when she is seen to be less than Gamora, which makes for a very unhealthy lifestyle. In this universe, however, Nebula is a semi-well-adjusted explorer with minor daddy issues. She has gone from someone who inspired sadness to someone who captures our fancy. Needless to say, we ship T’Challa and Nebula. The more interesting detail about Nebula is her body.

No! not like that! It’s the fact that Nebula has almost no cybernetic augmentations in this timeline as compared to her MCU counterpart. This means that Thanos veered from his path of evil a long time ago, or maybe even that Gamora was never orphaned in the first place. It was lovely to witness a blonde Nebula as no one had expected that.

Howard the Duck

One of the most interesting things about Guardians of the Galaxy was the collector’s vault. We got so many easter eggs in that movie. Seeing as What If…? is veering off from Gotg, it was appropriate for us to visit the vault again. One of the best ‘things’ in the entire vault was Howard the Duck. In the MCU version, he only got to sit in the containment unit but in this episode, T’Challa freed him and used him as a guide through the vault which led to him finding the Wakandan Ship.

Collector’s Vault

The Collector’s Vault has always been at the epicenter of fan theories. There is so much in it and now that we got a closer look at this version of the collector’s vault we can say with certainty that something is amiss. The Vault housed Thor’s Hammer and Captain America’s Shield that the collector was using as his private arsenal. This means that the Avengers have probably already perished in this universe. Maybe T’Challa is the last hero alive and he has an entire galaxy to take care of.


Another original Guardian of the Galaxy makes his appearance in this episode. Without Ronan destroying planets, Drax’s home was never destroyed. Still, it was threatened by Kree forces but T’Challa fended them off. This is one of the many heroic tasks he has done for the galaxy. Consequently, Drax became allured with the legend of Star-Lord, as did the population of his home planet. He revered the man who saved his family and was very happy to run into his hero. It is a beautiful nod to Drax’s family by the writers and one of the few bright moments in the episode.

Quill and Ego

What If Episode 2 Details

Not to be a buzzkill but I feel the Peter Quill storyline could have been better than him working as a waiter. Maybe the writers want to do an entire episode in this universe but from the perspective of Quill this time. We will have to see, the ending of the episode certainly leaves something to be desired as Quill was brought up differently, and he might unite with his father to take over the Galaxy.

The Black Order

In the canon sacred timeline of the MCU, The Black order is loyal to Thanos, but in this iteration of the MCU, they are mercenaries, soldiers who can be hired by the highest bidder. Their presence is just as lackluster as it was in Avengers: Infinity War. But their inclusion in the story is interesting for other reasons. Specifically speaking about their fight with Thanos. In the MCU Thanos would have beaten all of them into the ground but in this version, all of them overwhelmed the Mad Titan pretty easily.

The Black Panther

T’Challa was the central theme of the episode. His personality and charm outshone everyone else, We miss Chadwick Boseman dearly and we hope he is happy wherever he is. However, the treatment of T’Challa’s character in the episode was par excellence. There was even a callback to his Black panther Fighting style in the final fight with the collector.

Did you catch these great What If Episode 2 Details? Let us know in the comments.

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