10 Movies and Series That Almost Went Through Horrible Decisions

Movies go through countless changes, reshoots, editing, etc before the final product reaches the screen. Even before the productions take place, the scripts are rewritten in various versions. Filmmakers and screenwriters learn if their choices are right once the audience watches them. Most of the time the final decisions turn out to be the best times. And now that we learned about the alternate versions, we are thankful that our favorite films didn’t undergo that fate. Here are 10 movies and series that almost went through horrible decisions.

The Shining

Movies and Series Horrible Decisions

The horror film that defined Jack Nicholson as one of the best gems had an open ending. It ended with Jack freezing to death and joining the photo frame of the dead people at the hotel. Either he was always a ghost or he joined the ghosts later. The film also had an epilogue that played at the theatres for a week before Stanley Kubrick decided to remove it. It showed that the hotel manager asked the traumatized Wendy and her son Danny to move in with him until they stand back on their feet.

Get Out

The recent horror film “Get Out” highlights racial discrimination in a pretty chilling and tormenting way. Despite the nail-biting tensions in the movie, at least we got to see Chris getting rescued in the end. But an alternate ending was written to take us through a more realistic moment. Chris would have been caught and been sentenced to prison unjustly like we see happening to Black people in real life.

Toy Story 3

Movies and Series Horrible Decisions

“Toy Story 3” drew a philosophical picture where the kids and the toys go separate paths after a point. We saw how Andy grew up and bid the inevitable farewell to his childhood buddies. But another version of the script took the toys on a different adventure to Taiwan. Woody and the other toys embarked on a mission to prevent Buzz from getting shipped after recall for repair.


Rocky IV Stallone In ICU

In the alternate ending of Rocky, the titular hero would have ethically compromised himself and lost to Apollo Creed on purpose. He would then leave the world of boxing and used the money he got from the scam to open a pet shop for Adrian.


Movies and Series Horrible Decisions

The classic romantic movie “Titanic” had churned our hearts with its emotional ending. We had a silent ending where Rose was pondering over her best moments with Jack and then dropped the necklace into the ocean. It symbolized that feelings and moments were more valuable than material possessions. But had James Cameron gone his way, we would have gotten a series of cheesy dialogues. Rose would have shared some words on life’s lessons followed by the crew screaming “That Sucks!” on watching her drop the necklace.

Captain America: Civil War

The third installment of Captain America didn’t feel like a standalone but more like an Avengers movie. However, the original version would have featured different enemies-zombies. Cap aka Steve Rogers’ mission would have involved fighting zombies. But Robert Downey Jr. insisted on a bigger role and more screen time for Iron Man.

Groundhog Day

“Groundhog Day” remains to be a classic for its clean and meaningful storyline. However, the story about being stuck in time loop would have turned pretty messy had the studio got its way. It wanted to include supernatural or fantasy things like aliens or witchy things. What makes it mind-bending is the absence of the reason for the time loop. But one of the executives wanted to provide an explanation for it, such as the lead falling into a chemical or aliens hexing him.

E.T.the Extra-Terrestrial

Movies and Series Horrible Decisions

The iconic children’s film was envisioned to be a horror film at first. Steven Spielberg called it “suburban evil vs suburban good” where the glowy finger was supposed to be a lethal weapon. But then he decided to make it a children-friendly movie where aliens were the good guys.


Movie Franchises Couldn’t Finish Trilogies

Tim Burton made one of the earliest and best versions of Batman that will always remain a classic. He had initially planned to take an alternate route where the Joker would have killed more parents. This would also include Dick Grayson aka Robin’s parents apart from Bruce Wayne’s. But then he decided to focus all his ideas and mind on Batman rather than bringing sidekicks.

Stranger Things

Movies and Series Horrible Decisions

The recent Sci-Fi of Netflix that became the most discussed series is “Stranger Things”. Even though there are more sci-fi on the platform, this one attracted more audience because of its young cast. Making the little kids’ heroes felt out-of-the-box and intriguing to watch.

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