5 Things That Should Have Been Avoided In Iron Man Movies

Iron Man comics are a treasure trove of stories that are both exciting and educating. Tony Stark has struggled through many things, unfortunately, the movies have gotten some information wrong. Here are five facts that have suffered that fate:

The Mandarin

5 Facts Iron Man Movies Have Gotten All Wrong

The Mandarin is Iron Man’s greatest nemesis. He is to Iron Man what The Joker is to Batman. So when Iron Man 3 depicted the villain as anything but what Mandarin truly was from the comics, fans were livid that the sanctity of the character was truly destroyed. This is why Iron man 3 is so reviled amongst purists. The Mandarin was an intellectual inventor that measured up to Tony Stark’s brilliance, to see him be belittled to another whitewashing was the worst decision Marvel ever made.


In the comics, there are two characters named Whiplash-Mark Scarlotti who used cybernetic whips and worked for the Maggia crime syndicate and Leeann Forman, a mutant who used adamantium whips. They were combined along with another Iron Man villain, Crimson Dynamo to make up Ivan Vanko. Since different parts of the three villain’s history were used to make up Vanko’s story, Marvel botched up three great villains to make up one forgettable one.

Tony’s Alcoholism

Tony Stark’s most famous battle in the comics was not with any villain or a rival company, but a battle with the bottle. Stark was famous for having dealt with his deep dark issues by drinking himself into a stupor. The Demon In A Bottle story arc was one of the most powerful ones because Tony made decisions to become a hero and not an alcoholic. Iron man 2 scratched a bit of the surface to this story but was limited to showing Stark as a party boy. Shane Black, director of Ironman 3 stated that Disney’s family friendly audience prevented the movies to truly delve into the dark topic.

Tony And Pepper Potts’ Relationship


In the comics, Tony Stark is an actual playboy who loves his ladies as much as his booze. Pepper Potts is just another notch on his belt who marries his bodyguard Happy Hogan. The films give off the impression that Tony Stark loves being in a monogamous relationship with Pott but in comic book reality, that wasn’t the case.

The Extremis Storyline

Iron Man’s storyline was updated by Warren Ellis, bringing Tony Stark into the modern world. The Extremis storyline was a popular one that the Iron Man movies have adapted but in small parts. Iron Man 2 included the part where Tony Stark made weapon inspections in Afghanistan and is attacked by terrorists. Iron Man 3 took on the characters of Maya Hanson and Aldrich Killian and the superpowered nano-virus story arc into the film.

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