10 MCU Deleted Scenes That Should Have Been a Part of the Movies

MCU Deleted Scenes:

The MCU movies are full of fun, thrill, action & most importantly quips. But some of these quips and story points more often than not get cut off from the films to make them more engaging and to fix the various pacing issues. Some films turn out to be major disasters with the editing room getting too funky. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a great example. Sometimes, studios usually don’t prefer long movies and that’s why certain scenes get cut off. That harms the film and ultimately leads to movie making less money.

MCU Deleted Scenes

But there are some scenes that everyone would agree would have only helped the plot of the film. Things would have felt more complete and much different with these scenes. We’ve got some examples in the MCU as well. Here are all those scenes which should have been a part of the movie:

Captain America: Civil War – Baron Zemo meets Joe Russo

MCU Deleted Scenes

Civil War indeed is a masterpiece of a film. Some fans do feel that it was weaker as compared to the comics, but that could have been fixed with a tiny bit of additions within the movie. One of the rather weaker elements was the ultimate villain, Baron Zemo. His “Under Siege” Storyline was crammed into Civil War, and that led to him getting less to do. He was ultimately effective and we did get his motivations quite well. But they could have been more explanatory if we would have got a bit more.

Civil War was already an action-packed film but it wasn’t even 2 Hours and 30 minutes long within its run time. So, the film could have actually afforded to add another scene where we see Zemo meeting up with the real Doctor Broussard, Joe Russo. What we saw was him suddenly killing Russo, and that had people confused for a while.

Thor: Ragnarok – A woman leaving Valkyrie’s bedroom

MCU Deleted Scenes

Marvel and Disney mostly like to keep things kid-friendly. That’s why Hulk’s big green butt was removed from the final cut of Ragnarok. But the scene that should have remained was a random woman leaving Valkyrie’s bedroom after a session of hanky panky. Marvel is pushing the whole awareness of LGBTQ agenda and diversity in the MCU, and this could have been the perfect start for it.

MCU Deleted Scenes

Marvel eventually started it by making Joe Russo’s cameo character belong to the LGBTQ community in Endgame. They’ll continue this movement in Spider-Man: Far From Home & will even have a Gay Lead in the Eternals. But a little scene in Ragnarok could have given them a win against DC in this category.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Black Widow’s Backstory

MCU Deleted Scenes

We saw a little bit from Nat’s past in Age of Ultron and heard about her experiences in Budapest with Hawkeye in Avengers 1 & Endgame. But there was a scene pointing out towards her dark backstory in Captain America 2 and it would have been shown as a flashback when Natasha was uploading all of SHIELD’s secrets on the internet. The movie could have shown us a tiny bit, and it could have even shown us her encounter with the Winter Soldier instead of just telling us that. Her solo movie will not deal with everything, and certainly not the Winter Soldier bit. So it would have been nice to see a bit from Nat’s backstory.

The 10 Rings – Ant-Man

MCU Deleted Scenes

Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King confirmed that the Real Mandarin exists in the MCU. Kevin Feige recently confirmed that Marvel even has plans for him in the coming future. But there was a bit back in Ant-Man, which would have solidified the existence of the Real Mandarin. In the deleted scene Darren Cross shows off his own version of Pym’s shrinking technology to potential buyers. One of those buyers was actually a member of the 10 Rings as he had the Ten Rings tattoo on his neck. Having this scene would have given fans something concrete to hold on after the Iron Man 3 debacle.

Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame – Thanos’ Backstory

MCU Deleted Scenes

After the release of Infinity War, it was revealed that there were 30 minutes of Thanos’ backstory which was cut from the film. Then after Endgame, we got to know that 10 minutes of it was going to be shown, but due to the movie already being so long, it was taken down. Thanos is surely the best villain in the MCU, but instead of giving us a book upon him, we could have been shown some more from his past life in Infinity War. Apparently, Infinity War did have 30 minutes more as compared to Endgame, so it could have afforded some more Thanos!

Captain Marvel – The Kree Conversation

Captain Marvel did have quite a bit of deleted scenes, as about 6 minutes of footage was removed right before the release of the movie. It was done to fix a few pacing issues. But we can all argue with the fact that we got almost nothing when it comes to the Kree team Starforce. We would have loved to know them a bit more, and this conversation above would have again added a little depth to Carol and her belongingness with the Kree.

Captain America: The First Avenger – Tension between Howard & Steve

MCU Deleted Scenes

The Avengers was the first movie to tease Civil War and Age of Ultron followed its path. But it was the first Captain America movie which would have originally included a tease for Captain America vs. Iron Man. It would have happened through tensions between Howard & Steve. Apparently, they would have been against each other on their assessment of Hydra’s weaponry. Doing this would have connected the first Captain America movie with Civil War in a tiny way, but it ultimately did not happen.

Avengers: Infinity War – Gamora’s Argument with Thanos

MCU Deleted Scenes

Thanos’ relationship with Gamora was the most important element of Infinity War. We did get a significant amount of their relationship, but there was a scene which would have given us some more backstory upon how things were in the past. Here Thanos would have confronted Gamora about her betrayals and deceptions and that would have led to a major argument. This scene would have added a little depth to why Gamora eventually left Thanos.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Loki 

MCU Deleted Scenes

Loki’s cameo was supposed to take place during Thor’s dream sequence right after Wanda worked his mind. In the final cut, he just saw Heimdall and that was the entire tease of Ragnarok. But in this very scene, we would have seen Loki imitating Anthony Hopkins’s voice speaking as Odin while talking to Thor. Both Joss Whedon and actor Tom Hiddleston explained that the scene was shot but then removed because fans in the first test audiences were getting Loki’s role confused. But what this scene could have done was connect Avengers 1 with 2, and make Loki have an overall presence in all Avengers movies.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Quicksilver survives

MCU Deleted Scenes

In the movie, we saw Quicksilver bite the bullets. But apparently, a scene was shot by Director Whedon where Quicksilver comes back to life due to his super healing ability and joins the Avengers at the end wearing a new suit. The scene did not pass the editing as the studios thought it was better for the plot to kill the character. Well, bringing Quicksilver back would have changed the plot of the film and the future MCU movies. But having him would have given us some potentially great scenes as all that the MCU is currently missing is a speedster. The future movies of the MCU could still bring him back though.

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