10 Strongest Asgardian Power Suits – Ranked

As far as suits of armour are concerned, there is seldom any other guy that comes to our mind than the legendary Tony Stark. The guy immortalized the idea of a powered exoskeleton being used as a weapon of combat. Over the years, Tony has developed so many powered armours that we lost count years ago. The Bleeding Edge armour might be his greatest invention yet. And in the Marvel Universe, it looks like only Tony Stark is the final and ultimate authority on this field. But nothing could be further from the truth. In Marvel mythos, there are a lot of other advanced civilizations that have the acumen and resources to accomplish technological wonders. The Asgardian civilization is a prime example. They have technology light years ahead of what humanity could even begin to comprehend. And over the years, they have also applied their knowledge to create their own sets of suits of armour that could rival those of Iron Man’s. Presenting – 10 Strongest Asgardian Power Suits – Ranked!!

 10. Thor’s ‘Scale Mail’ armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

The traditional armour that Thor typically wears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as well as the comic books, the Scale Mail armour did not have a name until the fans coined it. The Armour is not as strong as the other entries on this list since it is made up of Asgardian Steel instead of Uru, the metal that Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are made up of. This is the reason that we included this in the tenth entry of this list. Regardless, the God of Thunder likes it too much and wears it everywhere. The Scale Mail may not offer too much protection in terms of defense but it is lightweight and allows Thor to move around quickly. Since it is made up of Asgardian Steel, it is still ten times stronger than that of anything Earth’s technology has to offer.

 9. Cannonball’s ‘Explosion’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

Samuel Guthrie is a mutant superhero and a member of the X-Men. He has the potential to be one of the greatest superheroes the world has ever seen but he is still learning. Guthrie’s many adventures take him to a multitude of places. He once travelled to Nidavellir where he met the King of the Dwarf Weapon Smiths – King Eitri. Eitri took an instant liking to Cannonball and both hit it off right from the beginning, becoming the best of friends. As a token of his gratitude for becoming his friend, Eitri decided to craft a suit of armour for Cannonball. The armour that Samuel Guthrie was gifted was made with Asgardian Steel mail and Uru infused lock links. It also had a sword forged right out of Nidavellir’s star furnace. Samuel ended up using the new armour to defeat Loki, the Trickster God.

 8. Cul Borson’s ‘Fear Feeder’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

Cul Borson is the son of Bor Burison and the brother of Odin, the All-Father and King of Asgard before Thor took over the throne. Odin, even though one of the strongest beings in the universe was scared of his brother Cul! Cul proved why Odin was so afraid of him when he launched a bloody campaign and took thousands of lives in the Fear Itself storyline. The armour Cul wore in combat complemented Cull’s abilities. Cul had the power to become stronger by feeding off of the fear of his enemies. The more scared his opponents were, the powerful he was. The suit also grew powerful the more feared Cul was within the public. The armour was so strong that it could take point-blank hits from Mjolnir that did not even leave a dent.

 7. Thor’s ‘Anti Hela’ armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

Thor is many things. Weak, he is not. But what happens when he actually becomes weaker than a rabbit in a thunderstorm? That was what happened once when Hela, the Goddes of the Underworld, placed a curse on Thor that made his bones more brittle than glass and reduced his healing factor to zero. Thor’s journey as a warrior was officially over. But he never gave up. Soon, he decided to use a suit of Armour that helped him escape death itself and fight Hela. The official name of the suit does not exist but the fans have named it Anti-Hela since as long as Thor wore it, Death cannot touch him. He lost the suit while fighting enemies in Pangoria, a planet in the distant part of the universe.

 6. Storm’s ‘Storm Caster’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

After Ororo Munroe of the X-Men lost her weather manipulation abilities, she decided to use her skills as a close combat fighter and her brilliant tactical mind to be useful to the team. She still longed for her superpowers though. So Loki struck a deal with Storm. He will help her gain her abilities back and Storm will work for him in return. After Ororo Munroe agreed to the devil’s bargain, She was gifted the Storm-Caster hammer. Whenever Ororo was using the hammer, she would gain the ability to control thunder, lightning, and storms. There was also armour that would surround him while she used the enchanted weaponry. That armour also had mystical properties like the hammer.

 5. Tony’s ‘Thor Buster’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

When Thor gifted Tony with an ancient Asgardian technology that Tony was supposed to use to solve the global energy crisis by developing a clean and pure endless source of energy, Thor would have never thought that Tony would go behind his back and use it to make a suit to fight him. Iron Man is known to make suits of armours perfect for a specific occasion. When the Hulk went rogue, he had the Hulk Buster. When Galactus came to annihilate Earth, Tony had the Galactus Buster. When Thor got on his nerves, he developed the Thor Buster armour that had pieces of Asgardian technology interwoven with Stark tech. The armour looked a lot like the Destroyer armour of Asgard.

 4. Thor’s ‘Rune King’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

Thor is a great warrior but he still has a lot to learn. Odin may not be in the prime of his life anymore but he is still the best choice for the King of Asgard. What happens when Thor takes up the place of Odin before he is ready? What happens when Thor in unworthy of the throne but sits on it anyway? That is the story of Rune King Thor. After Odin leaves the thrones and the seat of Asgard is left empty, Thor is forced to take up the mantle. Remember how Odin sacrificed one of his eyes to the Tree of Knowledge to gain omniscience? Thor sacrificed both his eyes to gain even more cosmic awareness. Rune King Thor is what happens to Thor if he has an eternal hunger for power that could never be quenched. Rune King Thor’s armour represents all the agony and pain that Thor goes through on a daily basis.

 3. Tony’s ‘Iron Destroyer’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

After Fear Itself saw the heroes being thrashed around by Cul Borson and his War Generals, Tony Stark decided to make a weapon by joining hands with Asgardian weaponsmiths and using their technology to craft a suit of armour. The armour was called the Iron Destroyer armour and it was the perfect blend of magic and science. The Iron Destroyer armour is one of Tony’s greatest feats and was one of the primary reasons Cul Borson and his forces were pushed back until the Norse God of Fear was finally defeated.

 2. Odin’s ‘Iron All-Father’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

When Odin had trouble controlling the Odin Force, he contacted the most perfect man for the job to help him get his mojo back. Tony Stark may be a jerk most of the times but he is good at what he does. Using his superior knowledge of Technology, Tony created the Iron-All-father suit. The suit helped Odin keep his Odin-Force in check and even complimented his own strength and speed. It is also one of Tony’s most beautiful creations.

 1. Asgard’s ‘Destroyer’ Armour

Strongest Asgardian Power Suits

Undoubtedly, the greatest Asgardian weapon ever created, the Destroyer was created after Vishnu, Zeus and Odin joined hands to create a walking weapon of mass destruction that will be used in an absolute emergency. The Destroyer armour is capable of storing the life essences of all the three Sky-fathers – Zeus, Odin and Vishnu, and even the Odin-Force. The Destroyer has shown itself capable enough of fighting the Celestials on equal terms and even managed to wound them grievously in one on one combat. It is so powerful and dangerous that Odin keeps it locked away in the Temple of Darkness until and unless unleashing it is absolutely necessary.

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