5 Marvel Superheroes Ruined By Other Studios

Everyone is crazy about Marvel films, people just love when their favorite comic book characters come alive on screen, except for the times when they absolutely hate it. This is when other studios produce the films and ruin the characters. Here is a list of some superheroes ruined by other studios:

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider, before he appeared in the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was known to the people who hadn’t read the comics as the alter ego of Nicolas Cage, who played the role of Johnny Blaze in the film. Not only was the character ruined by the pathetic writing of the film, but even the way Cage perceived the character made him look more foolish than threatening, eating candy and watching monkeys fight on TV, everyone missed the soulless bounty hunter of the devil who protected the innocent.


To the ones who’ve not read the comics or seen the TV animated series, this guy is the LEADER of the X-Men. Yeah, as much a shock it might be to you, to the comic book fans it was even more so as he’s not given any important role in any of the films, and is killed needlessly in the first 20 minutes of the third part giving him no screen time at all.



Okay, we have seen many bad superheroes, but the Daredevil film that came in the 2000s starring Ben Affleck in the role was absolute shit. Shit served in an even shittier platter. Daredevil is someone who is an amazing lawyer and a great fighter, not someone who fights Elektra in a children’s park. Even worse, the guy is shown to be a pathetic lawyer.


No one can be as good at destroying a character as the makers of ‘X- Men Origins: Wolverine. They could have done a lot with the character, as fun as the character actually is. What they did though was, not give him his suit, give him the powers of all the mutants and worst, they sealed the lips of someone who is known as, ‘The merc with a mouth’. If there could ever be an award for tarnishing a superhero’s identity, these guys are gonna get it for sure.

Fantastic Four

What can we say more about the franchise that has already been criticized over a million times on the internet? The initial versions of the movie released in 2005 and 2007 were boring AF. And the 2015 version was not only boring but was a complete mess done by Fox. This superhero is one of the most amazing teams in the Marvel comics but Fox has completely destroyed it. It’s time for MCU to take the rights from them and give fans what they really deserve.

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