Here’s The Breakdown of the Latest Trailer of Inhumans

Marvel’s Inhumans panel showed up on Comic-Con last night and shared the second trailer for the upcoming series and it is just as awesome as the first trailer was. To start with the trailer, the first thing we see ‘Triton’ in the jungle with a new Inhuman who has just become one through Terri-genesis. Triton, as we find out, has been collecting information about the Inhumans since they have been showing up on earth, as we have seen in the Agents of Shield.


Triton tells the new Inhuman that there is a place where Inhumans are accepted and welcome, which of course is Atillan, The city of Inhumans on the blue part of the Moon.

Next up we see ‘Lockjaw’ telepathically talking to Gorgon about what has happened on earth and teleports him to earth.

Gorgon and Lockjaw

Then we see ‘Maximus’ trying to convince ‘Black Bolt’ that the humans are soon going to find the Inhumans on the moon and kill them at once.

So, as a counter measure, he suggests going to earth and making the first move, following that we see a human die on earth at the hands of an inhuman. Replying to Maximus, Medusa claims that his acts will only lead to war between humans and the Inhumans.

Maximus and Black Bolt

Next, we see some action from Gorgon and Karnak, and then Karnak warns about Maximus trying to take over Atillan.

Then we see the same shot of the first trailer where Black Bolt is about to demolish Maximus but Lockjaw Teleports Black Bolt to earth. Following that, we see Medusa in action and using the magical power in her hair to take on Maximus.


The trailer end with Maximus asking the people of Atillan to honor him as their new king since Black Bolt has disappeared and been teleported to earth. Watch the trailer over here and tell us how you feel about it in the comments.

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