5 Marvel Movie Superheroes That Are Aliens

There are a lot of superheroes that save their towns, while some save the entire planet and then there are some that come from other planets to save someone else’s planets. Here is a list of Marvel superheroes who are aliens:


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Gamora is the last person of her species. She isn’t called the ‘deadliest female in the galaxy’ for no reason. A real fierce warrior, Gamora is a really skilled fighter. Well if her battle doesn’t give it just look at her death count, if that also isn’t enough for you, just know this that she was raised and trained by the mad Titan, Thanos himself.

Silver Surfer

He was born Norrin Ladd on a planet called Zen-La, who in order to save his world from being consumed by Galactus, trades himself to be his herald and bring him plants to consume. Always a good person, he then is turned into a cosmic being who then uses his power to help the ones in need.


Thor Odinson is the Norse God of Thunder and has also been the King of Asgard in comics. He is a God, but is also an alien to the human world, along with Captain America and Iron Man, he is one of the main Avengers.

Rocket Racoon

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He is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Originated on the planet Halfworld, he’s known for his bad attitude and savage sarcasm, not just that the seemingly small raccoon is the actual brains in the team, he is a master tactician a great spacecraft aviator and a great leader on the field.


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Groot’s origin was at Planet X, that actually is the name of the planet. When he first came to Earth, he set foot on the planet in order to conquer it. Later it was told that he was greatly misunderstood, not just that he also looked very different from what he looks now.

Honorable mentions: Yondu, Drax the Destroyer, Lady Sif

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