• MoviesRules In Movies Hard To Understand

    10 Rules In Movies That Fans Find Hard To Understand

    As movie fanatics, we know better than delving into the logic. The fictional world, especially the fantasy genre is meant to help us escape our reality. But there are some rules in the movie world that make no sense to the viewers. It leaves them scratching their heads to figure out the purpose it is meant to serve. Perhaps, the…

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  • MoviesScariest Aliens from Movies

    10 Scariest Aliens From The Movies – Ranked

    Scariest Aliens from movies: The Universe is deep, dark, and unknown. We do not know what dangers lay in the cold embrace of the endless cosmos. With so many planets and so many galaxies all over the cradle of creation, it is only a matter of time before we make the First Contac. Or have we already?!?! Whatever the case…

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  • News

    5 Marvel Movie Superheroes That Are Aliens

    There are a lot of superheroes that save their towns, while some save the entire planet and then there are some that come from other planets to save someone else’s planets. Here is a list of Marvel superheroes who are aliens: Gamora Gamora is the last person of her species. She isn’t called the ‘deadliest female in the galaxy’ for…

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