10 Rules In Movies That Fans Find Hard To Understand

As movie fanatics, we know better than delving into the logic. The fictional world, especially the fantasy genre is meant to help us escape our reality. But there are some rules in the movie world that make no sense to the viewers. It leaves them scratching their heads to figure out the purpose it is meant to serve. Perhaps, the screenwriters just went with the flow and didn’t expect the audience to pause and contemplate on it. Here are 10 rules in movies that fans find hard to understand.


The main plot of “Signs” revolved around alien invasions on earth who were badly allergic to water. This plot twist in a SciFi movie made no sense. Why would intelligent species of aliens land on a planet whose 71% surface is covered in water? Moreover, if mere contact with water can burn their skin so severely; it is strange that the moisture in the air didn’t cause any allergic reaction to the aliens.


The superhero world of X-Men has earned an international name for great action movies and even more amazing goof ups. One of them is undoubtedly the continuity error and the aging of the characters. The aging of Magneto and Xavier in “Dark Phoenix” not only raised questions but unlocked the Pandora box of savage memes. In “Dark Phoenix”, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender star as Professor X and Magneto, respectively. What stress did life throw at them to quickly age them into Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in a few years?

Star Wars

Just like Star Trek’s Prime Directive, the Star Wars franchise laid down the Rule of Two that allowed the existence of only two Sith Lords- master and apprentice. But over the decades and with several installments and prequels, different scriptwriters have taken the liberty to approach the Rule of Two in their own ways. This has led to the inconsistency that leaves the fans clueless.


The Gremlins are all adorable pets one can keep as a company at home. They don’t take much of your time and energy but must be looked after by three strict rules, failing which can unleash monsters. You cannot let them get wet, expose them to bright light, and feed them after midnight. While viewers can comprehend the first two, they were a bit perplexed by the midnight rule. The film doesn’t elaborate on what they meant by post-mid-night and when the midnight would end. Moreover, what happens if the Gremlins travel overseas?

Harry Potter Franchise

Rules In Movies Hard To Understand
Rules In Movies Hard To Understand

The iconic Wizarding world of Harry Potter is a fantasy where none of our rules would apply. But most of these rules are science-related. But what bothered fans the most was how Quidditch was played. The way scores worked in this game sounded quite bizarre. If the seeker of either team caught the nasty Snitch, it would end the game immediately. Even if a snitch comes with a score of 150, the team that caught it can still lose in case its opponent already has huger points. Then what’s the point of risking your life to score 150 if it’s going to end the game and defeat your team?


The first movie of this franchise said that the gestation period of the aliens inside the human host’s body took a few hours before bursting out of their chest. But as new sequels kept coming, this rule seemed to alter according to the script needs. In Alien 3, it took Ripley some days before bursting out. Whereas in Alien Vs Predator- Requiem, the chest-bursting took place within a few minutes.

Star Trek

Rules In Movies Hard To Understand

The Star Fleet runs on the fundamental principles outlined by the Prime Directive. It forbids the crew members to interfere with the natural development of the alien society. In fact, it is ready to ensure the abidance at the cost of a Starfleet crew. Over the decades, Trekkies have raised the issue with the inconsistency of the seriousness of the Prime Directive. While Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard abides by it diligently, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk violated the Prime Directive for saving a species from an erupting volcano.

Superhero Movies

There is no harm in looking up to the superheroes like saviors and gods but it is unfair to hold them on such a pure and high pedestal. After all, the kind of danger these heroes dabble their feet into and the kind of sinister characters they deal with inevitably calls for violence. No matter how many heroes vow not to kill and draw the line in their fights, they can’t save mankind without eradicating the big bad. Christian Bale’s Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy decided to never kill, but was that possible in the dark and realistic theme of the franchise? Batman anyway ended up blowing all the three villains- Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, and Two-Face quite brutally.


Looper is one of those sci-fi movies that play with time-travel. But what sets apart this film from its distant cousins is the fact that it acknowledges the lack of sense of this concept. It is evident how the movie decided to flush down logic completely. No one could understand why the dismemberment of young Seth’s limbs immediately impacted the old Seth’s body. Wasn’t the old Seth always supposed to have the injury?

Double Jeopardy

Rules In Movies Hard To Understand
Rules In Movies Hard To Understand

This film didn’t create its own rule but misunderstood an existing law. The mystery is about a wife being falsely charged for her husband’s murder who is already alive out there. When she discovers that her husband framed his own murder, she goes out there on parole and decides to murder him for real. She invokes the double jeopardy clause which prevents a convict from getting tried again for the same particular incident they have already served for. But the protagonist woman misunderstands and goes on to commit the murder because the film projects that she won’t be tried again for the same crime.

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