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    10 Rules In Movies That Fans Find Hard To Understand

    As movie fanatics, we know better than delving into the logic. The fictional world, especially the fantasy genre is meant to help us escape our reality. But there are some rules in the movie world that make no sense to the viewers. It leaves them scratching their heads to figure out the purpose it is meant to serve. Perhaps, the…

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  • General

    15 Signs Which Will Tell You That A Girl Is ”Single”

    In this new generation, it is really tough to know what other person is like? And in the case of loving someone, it is much harder to get what you exactly want. It is literally difficult to know whether a girl is ”single” or not and because of this situation boys hesitate to approach them. So guys here’re some tips…

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    Eating Habits of Zodiac Signs You Don’t Know About

    When negativity surrounds you, your health becomes a tough task and when your work suffers, we generally get a little spiritual and then we have this quest to find out all the answers to our problems looking into our zodiac signs. Then what? We start checking our signs and compatibility with different friends. It’s fun! Every sign different eating habits…

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