10 Scariest Aliens From The Movies – Ranked

Scariest Aliens from movies:

The Universe is deep, dark, and unknown. We do not know what dangers lay in the cold embrace of the endless cosmos. With so many planets and so many galaxies all over the cradle of creation, it is only a matter of time before we make the First Contac. Or have we already?!?! Whatever the case may be, we just hope we may never come face to face with these scary alien life forms.

 10. Eclipse Monsters

Scariest Aliens from movies

In Pitch Black, Vin Diesel plays Riddick – an infamous convict that is being shipped to a penal colony in a distant part of the universe when a sudden accident with a comet trail hurls the ship towards a nearby planet. The planet looks desolate but on closer inspection, something truly horrifying is revealed. The planet experiences perpetual daylight until a certain part of its revolution around its star system when the planet sees a total eclipse shrouding it in complete darkness. It is during this eclipse that creatures that are native to the planet and live underground come out to hunt and harvest. These creatures are extremely photo-sensitive and have a knack for human blood. The creatures have the ability to fly, have a mother of all bite-force and are very aggressive, always hunting in packs.

 9. Arachnids

In the Starship Troopers series, the Federation is the zenith of the United World Government that has progressed by leaps and bounds and is now colonizing other planets. During one such colonization drive, the Federation encounters a species of insect-like aliens called the Arachnids. The Arachnids are a highly hostile force that has every intention to destroy the human race. They have a hive-like mentality and a class system. Their basic fighter is the Infantry class Arachnid. It has spikes for hands and can take out more than a dozen soldiers. It can only be taken down by multiple magazines of bullets. And that is just one fighter. The Arachnids have armored bugs, brain bugs and even bugs that can shoot plasma projectiles into deep space.

 8. The Thing

Scariest Aliens from movies

The one by John Carpenter will always be our personal favorite. But the 2011 remake, although it does not hold a candle to the 1982 movie of the same name, is miles apart when it comes to showcasing the alien life form in the scariest manner possible. The Thing was a movie about an alien parasite with the ability to assimilate any life form down to the cellular level. It had a very weird and creepy looking shape. The 2011 movie drastically increased the fear factor for the alien parasite. It was not a tubular sentient being and had several tentacles instead of where its limbs should be. The 1982 movie even showed that the actual alien also had a spider-like face.

 7. Slither Parasite

Nobody really explains just who or what the alien being in Slither was. We do not even know where it originated from. The parasite used a meteorite to crash land onto Earth and had the ability to immediately infect and take over a perfectly healthy human being. It went on to infect another woman, which is used as a host to create several larvae within her body. These larvae would bust out of the woman and infect an entire town. Whoever was infected was forced to submit to the hive-like mentality in which the Slither Parasite reigned supreme. All we know is that the parasite wanted to take over the consciousness of the entire planet. Although it did not manage to do so, its method of attack and the twist ending leads us to wish for one thing – we hope something like that does not exist out there in space in real life!!

 6. Predator

The Predators belong to a race of highly intelligent and highly advanced species that visit the human world to hunt for the thrill of the hunt. They have no other past time except hunting. To satiate their hunger for that adrenaline rush, the predators even let the Alien Xeno-morphs infect humanity and would periodically return to Earth to play hunting games with them. They are gifted in setting booby traps that are extremely innovative and deadly. These creatures have no mercy and will not let you go easy. They would rather rip out your spine than kill you quickly. These creatures are the very embodiment of sadism.

 5. Octopods

Scariest Aliens from Movies

In Steven Spielberg’s The War of the Worlds, Earth is taken by storm when an army of Martian Octopods attack the planet with full force. The Octopods are never shown in the movie until the very end. They always travel in huge tripod battle structures that house incredibly advanced weaponry. The Octopods, in the H.G. Wells novel, are Martian creatures that resemble the octopus of Earth. They have huge heads and smaller whip-like tentacles. They do not need a partner to reproduce, with each Martian capable of reproducing asexually. But it is the horrifying Octopus-like look we see of the Martians at the end of the movie that is impossible to forget. Oh, and did we mention they drink our blood to survive?!

 4. Calvin

Calvin is the name given to the Martian life form in the movie Life. Calvin’s species was theorized to have once dominated the Martian soil. The species is predatory and will devour anything if it helps it survive. Calvin is also extremely intelligent. Even when a tiny microscopic being, Calvin was able to figure out that it could use the pointy end of equipment to escape confinement. Calvin can use human tissue and blood to grow, attaching itself to a human being like a parasite. It can survive in deep space and even in extreme heat and cold. It does not even need oxygen to survive. What makes Calvin even scarier is the fact that the movie reveals that Calvin may have been the reason why Mars is a barren and desolate world devoid of all life.

 3. Clover

Scariest Aliens from Movies

Many claims that the humongous creature that has almost decimated the planet is an ancient amphibious creature that awakened after incessant oil drilling activities on the ocean floor. But The Cloverfield Paradox movie reveals that Clover was a result of space-based activities that led to a portal to a whole new parallel universe opening up near Earth’s orbit. This would mean that Clover is not just of an origin that is outside the Earth’s but also might have originated in another dimension. The four-legged creature is indestructible and houses several smaller, carnivorous life forms that can attack in swarms and consume dozens of human beings in one go. Even its stomach looks damn creepy.

 2. Body Snatchers

The Body Snatchers are achieved the epitome of a soft invasion. Instead of killing people and taking over the world, the Body Snatchers prefer a more peaceful approach. They would infiltrate human society and slowly and steadily take over the entire planet. The Body Snatchers would take over the body of unsuspecting victims and replace them with perfectly functioning duplicates. The Body Snatcher species is also called the Pod People. They were once a plant-based species that managed to escape their dying planet, living in the vacuum of space as dormant spores. They do not want to take over a planet. All they ever ask for is a chance at survival. While that is a noble effort, their method of survival is literally kidnapping people and replacing them with duplicates. The Pod People have since left the planet when faced with undeterred human resistance to their grand plans for Earth.

 1. Xeno-Morphs

The Xeno-Morphs originated from a planet called Proteus, also called Xeno-Morph Prime. Their only objective in life is to reproduce and grow their numbers. A Xeno-Morph is born when a face-hugging alien called a Trilobite or Hecto-Pod latches onto a sentient being and drops an egg within the host’s body. The egg soon develops within the host and after hatching, it literally bursts out of the host’s chest. The Xeno-Morph is also one of the deadliest alien species ever encountered in any movie that Hollywood has had to offer. They have jagged teeth and attack in packs. Their blood is literally a highly corrosive acid which they use as a weapon if need be. Their skin is basically hardened armor made out of the same material found in the exoskeleton of Crabs. A perfectly adult Xeno-Morph in peak physical condition is the universe’s stealthiest hunter. The prey will not even know that a Xeno-Morph is right behind him until his neck has been slashed by the long claws of the apex predator from outer space.

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