10 Incredible Facts About Bloodshot You Must Know Before You Watch The Vin Diesel Movie

Facts About Bloodshot:

Superhero movies are the new norm of Hollywood. As Marvel and DC Comics make billions out of their superhero characters, other comic book publications are also about to jump into the bandwagon. Amongst them, the publication known as Valiant Comics is coming in hot with one of their most popular superheroes – Bloodshot. The new Bloodshot movie starring Vin Diesel of the Fast and Furious fame as the titular character, will soon hit the theatres and the fans of the superhero genre just cannot wait anymore. But Bloodshot is kind of a mystery to many casual movie-goers who do not know just who this new superhero in town actually is. Fear not for we are here to watch your 6.

 1. He is a former soldier

Facts About Bloodshot

The man known as Bloodshot was actually a former soldier who served his nation and made his country proud in many wars fought in lands beyond the seas. Bloodshot was gravely injured in battle and was then rushed to the hospital, where the doctors realized that he was not going to make it. Bloodshot became the new test subject of Project Rising Spirit, who needed a guinea pig to test their new nanite injections. As their first-ever successful experiment, Bloodshot gained superhuman abilities but also had his military training to back him up, turning him into a living weapon. His past as a Soldier plays a vital role in a lot of story arcs in Valiant Comics.

 2. His mind is literally a mesh of false memories

Facts About Bloodshot

The Bloodshot program was made for a super-soldier to infiltrate and assassinate the greatest of threats. To do that, one needs to be extremely dedicated and motivated to the cause. Project Rising Spirit took it up a notch. Whenever Bloodshot was supposed to take down a particular target, Project Rising Spirit will install fake memories into his brain. These memories would make it seem like they were personally responsible for a lot of pain inflicted on Bloodshot in the past. The memories show it as if a near and dear one died at the hands of the target (all Fake of course). Bloodshot, on account of those memories, makes it his personal life mission to get back at the target. His creators would use false memories several times to motivate Bloodshot to go for the kill.

 3. He is the first of his kind

Facts About Bloodshot

Project Rising Spirit is pretty much the Weapon X Department of Marvel Comics. Their sole job is to look for ways to turn normal human beings into superweapons of mass destruction. But unlike Weapon X who used the mutant X-Gene to achieve the same, Project Rising Spirit exploited the nooks and crannies of technology to do so. They created a special form of nano-tech robots that are self-replicating and can be injected into a human’s bloodstream. Once inside, they turn the subject’s skin pale white and grant him or her enhanced regeneration and physical attributes capabilities. Bloodshot was the first test subject ever to make it out alive after the procedure.

 4. His origin story was changed

Facts About Bloodshot

Angelo Mortalli was a mob enforcer and a bodyguard working for a powerful crime family. But Mortalli soon fell in love with the daughter of the Mon Boss he was working for. Things went sideways when his boss found out about the secret love affair between one of his most trusted men and his own daughter. Mortalli decided to surrender to the FBI but his boss’ men were even in the FBI team that was supposed to protect him. Mortalli was gunned won and then taken to a secret Japanese laboratory owned by his boss where he underwent an experimental procedure that turned him into Bloodshot. This origin story is basically a ret-con but it is the most recent one.

 5. He is Immortal

Facts About Bloodshot

The nanites in his bloodstream do not just make him the world’s greatest weight lifter and sprinter. They also make him essentially un-killable. The nanorobots in his bloodstream work tirelessly to keep Mortalli’s body at its peak. Any wound is instantly healed and any disease he has will be instantly cured. It does not even matter if Mortalli runs out of oxygen or food. The nanites will always manage to bring him back. Even if his body is crushed or burnt to a husk, he will be brought back from the dead. With the Bloodshot nanites running through his veins, Mortalli is basically an immortal God.

 6. His relationship with the Harbinger Foundation

Facts About Bloodshot

The Marvel Comic Book Universe has Mutants. The Valiant Comic Book Universe has Harbingers, mutant beings with extraordinary abilities. When Bloodshot was being used by Project Rising Spirit as their personal Hit Man, he was captured by an unknown figure. That unknown figure was later revealed to be the same guy that had a huge role in creating the Bloodshot program – Doctor Emmanuel Kuretich. Doctor Kuretich had discovered that his work was being used by the Project Rising Spirit management to turn Bloodshot into a killing machine. Kuretich later joined the Harbinger Foundation and started hatching plans to capture Bloodshot and reveal to him the actual truth.

 7. He is a victim of regular, powerful hallucinations

Facts About Bloodshot

The powers that he is gifted with due to the efforts of Project Rising Spirit are amazing and fantastic. But there are side effects to that as well. Bloodshot is the victim of traumatizing hallucinations that he experiences on a daily basis. There is an image of Kay McHenry, a guy he is responsible for killing that regularly appears in Bloodshot’s visions. That hallucination actually helps Bloodshot in the sense that it ends up becoming the voice of his inner conscience. Another hallucination called Bloodsquirt is a little boy that taunts and goads Bloodshot to do the wrong thing.

 8. He was a Kidnapper

Facts About Bloodshot

We have already claimed how Bloodshot is related to the Harbingers. His past is filled with dark tales of betrayal and violence. Bloodshot was once used the Project Rising Spirit as a kidnapper. His job was to stake neighborhoods and look for superpowered kids called Psiots – children with extremely potent psionic abilities. He would then kidnap them and turn them over to a secret Black Site called the Nursery, where their powers will be exploited and they will be brain-washed and trained to join the new breed of Harbinger Soldiers that they were preparing to act as the future of law enforcement.

 9. He can control Technology

Facts About Bloodshot

Bloodshot’s nanites give him the power to control technology. It is an ability that is different from Technopathy and is called Cyberkinesis. Bloodshot can use his nanites called the “Blood of heroes” by Project Rising Spirit to infiltrate and hack any computer system and get any amount of data or information he requires. They also grant him the ability to download and upload information into his brain and connect directly with any computer system. The Man-Machine hybrid is truly a technological marvel with this tremendously resourceful ability.  While they also give him the ability to shapeshift, it is very limited but Bloodshot has found how useful it is to control and hack into technology whenever he needs to.

 10. Partly Responsible for the Harbinger Wars

Facts About Bloodshot

The Harbinger Wars that happened in Las Vegas in the Valiant Comic Book Universe was due to in-fighting and rebellion breaking out within the Harbinger community based on ideological differences on how to move forward in the future. It led to the terrible loss of both Harbinger and Human Life and Property. It was a morbid tale in the history of Valiant Comics that should have never happened. And Bloodshot was partly responsible for it. When he inadvertently infiltrated a secret Black Site called the Nursery, he realized that all the children that were kept imprisoned there were put there by him. He fought the cyborg bodyguards of the facility and killed them all, freeing the superhuman children. This event would later influence the onset of the Harbinger Wars.

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