This New Venom Ghost Rider Hybrid Is The Scariest Thing Marvel Has To Offer

Venom and Ghost Rider are two of the scariest anti-heroes that the Marvel comics have to offer. And just imagining them merging into one appears to be straight out of a nightmare. And the only worse thing than their merging is them being a perfect match. Keep up with the post to find out about the scary new Venom Ghost Rider Hybrid that couldn’t even have imagined.

When Marvel launched the Venomverse, back in 2017, the limited series issue featured some of the coolest variants of the symbiote, merging with some other amazing characters from the comics. And one of the best issues of the series, the Host Rider, featured the nightmare-inducing hybrid of Venom and the Ghost Rider. The issue saw the embodiment of the Spirit of Vengeance taken over by a rogue parasite. And as expected, the Host Rider brought the best, or worst, from both the worlds!



The third issue of the series Edge of Venomverse, by Simon Spurrier and Tigh Walker, featured Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider of this world, being infected with a variant of the original Venom symbiote. Ghost Rider, even without the symbiote, was a dangerous vigilante, obsessed with justice. Even if he had to go to extreme lengths to achieve that. Venom, on the other hand, is a parasite that takes over the brain and embraces its host’s deepest darkest desires. But when it took over Robbie Reyes, it didn’t just take over him. But also his alter-ego, the Spirit of Vengeance. And together, they took vigilantism to a whole another level.


In one of the sequences in the comics, we see the trio chasing a criminal, named Hyde, in Robbie’s modified car. The people-eating car, being driven by the Spirit, is faster than ever and soon catches up with Hyde. And then we get the first glimpse at what the symbiote adds to the already-amazing abilities of the Rider. The Host Rider is seen going with his ultimate move, the Penance Kiss, the modified version of the Stare. This was when the readers realized just how horrific the Rider has become, courtesy of the symbiote.


As we mentioned before, the most dangerous characteristic of their bond is the fact that they are a perfect bond and make each other stronger. First of all, Ghost Rider removed Venom’s aversion to fire. A Venom symbiote only has two weaknesses that can weaken the parasite enough to separate it from the host. And removing the fire factor makes it more difficult to separate the Host from its Rider. Not to mention, the rattling of Ghost Rider’s chains no longer affects the symbiote.


HOST RIDER: New Venom Ghost Rider Hybrid

Both Venom and Ghost Rider have long been known as anti-heroes in their worlds. But can we say the same for their hybrid? Both of them couldn’t care less about a few human lives, but together, will they stop thinking if the human they kill is innocent? Venom tends to bring out the worst in its host and when it finally leaves its host behind, all the host experiences is guilt. So when Venom leaves, it will leave a Robbie who has to bear the guilt of the crimes of Host Rider. And this makes the Host Rider one of the most horrific mash-up characters of all time.


New Venom Ghost Rider Hybrid

Host Rider packs a nightmare within, with a flaming tongue, burning hands, and an on-fire skull. So if you are getting a good night’s sleep recently and don’t like that, we advise reading this issue. See how Venom does the impossible and bonds with the fiery Spirit of Vengeance.

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