5 Shockingly Dangerous Movie Stunts that Actors ACTUALLY Performed!

No action movie or even action comedy would be complete without some amazing, death-defying stunts- even if the whole audience knows nobody was ever really harm’s way. But what if they were? The truth is, stuntmen and women are often asked to put their health on the line. Here is the list of 5 shockingly dangerous movie Stunts that actors ACTUALLY Performed!

1) “Live and Let Die” (1973)


In Live and Let Die, the spy finds himself surrounded by crocodiles and decides to just run across their backs to safety.The craziest part? A stuntman actually did it. No surprise, one of the crocs managed to bite him on the Fourth take, but he still had one left in him.

2) “Terminator 2” (1991)

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In Terminator 2, James Cameron is famous for being a ruthless director, so when he felt something was missing from the helicopter chase in the movie, the pilot flying it had an idea: forget just missing an overpass – he could fly the helicopter under it. Cameron was convinced but the crew wasn’t. So Cameron found out a driver while he filmed the helicopter personally.

3) “The French Connection” (1971)


The French Connection is the first R-Rated movie to win the Oscar for the Best Picture. The film’s chase scene called star Gene Hackman’s character to speed through New York following a train, they didn’t overthink it.

4) “Skyfall” (2012)


James Bond’s modern stunts, but the opening action of Skyfall is more real than you realize. As in. It’s completely real. Actors were really put on a moving train, scrambled on top of it, even watched as it was torn to pieces around them.

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