One Scene Which Destroyed 4 Classic Movies

There are amazing movies, but then these are often destroyed either because of some actor or any such thing. Here is a list of 4 classic movies where one scene destroyed the entire movie.

1. Zara’s Death in Jurassic World


Obviously, the main attraction of watching Jurassic Park series is to see people getting eaten by dinosaurs in different ways. However, there is this one death scene in the Jurassic world that the audiences found hard to digest.

Zara who was the personal assistant to Claire Dearing who gets endured with the undesirable task of looking after her boss’s nephews was given a horrible end. I am sure you know what the end was. Zara was first snatched by a pteranodon who dropped Zara in the mosasaurs tank and Zara was later scooped back out by another pteranodon. Zara was eventually before both are finally, fatally munched by the mosasaurs. I mean, technically, Zara didn’t really do anything wrong to deserve such a terrifying death.

Let me tell you why I am saying so. Did you notice how Vic Hoskins’ died? If you have seen the movie, you would agree that he was the one who stood out more as a villain and hence deserved the horrible death, which obviously, didn’t happen and hence audience was disappointed.

2. Quentin Tarantino’s Aussie Cameo In Django Unchained


There is this part in the Django Unchained that inclined to slog the old gears. Any guesses? Well, those of you who feel it was the n-word, which was uttered like about a million times or for that matter that dynamite that wasn’t actually invented until five years.I am sorry to say, that you are just so wrong. The undisputed winner is Tarantino’s cameo and the weird Australian accent.

Why was Tarantino’s Aussie accent so bad? I wish I knew the answer. Why Django Unchained couldn’t afford an Australian actor whose accent was convincing, when he already had one such actor?

3. Prometheus’ Dumb Astronauts

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Astronauts are usually considered to be a clever, smart, and rational group of people with the job of exploring the last great unknown. However, the squad in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus are quite dumb and their stupidity isn’t limited to one scene.

Despite being specifically ordered by the mission director Meredith Vickers to dodge all contact with the alien life. But to match their stupidity, they did everything that they were not supposed to do.

4. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Yellow Face


Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a living proof that something that was considered comedy some 50 odd years ago is definitely not comedy for the current scenario. I mean it is quite outdated for today. Every scene in the movie which featured white, American Mickey Rooney as Holly Golightly’s Japanese upstairs neighbor is the live example.

Misha Mehta

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