Arrow Season 4: From Mindblowing to Mindbending

If the debut episode of Arrow Season 4 was mind-blowing, the second episode was mind-fuck. Mindfuck is an idea or a concept that shakes your previously held belief system or assumptions about the nature of reality. It will call into question your mind and the way it sees the world in general. Once you start to wrap your head around the new developments of the Arrow season 4, it will leave you totally stunned and speechless. Here are top 5 WTF moments from the episode which will astonish you to the core:

Thea kicked some serious ass:

When you see Thea/Speedy fighting Lonnie Machin/Anarchy who kidnapped the daughter of Jessica Danforth who decided to step up for Mayor’s Office, you will see how brute force can trample upon the opponent. Anarchy was supposed to be a crazy, murderous villain who would be a formidable threat to Team Green Arrow, but Thea alone crushed him like a bug. So much so that Green Arrow had to intervene to save Anarchy’s life.

Malcolm’s Warning coming true:

Malcolm Merlyn, in the last season, warned Oliver that if he goes to Nanda Parbat and use Lazarus pit to resurrect Thea’s life, she will not be the same person ever. She has become very aggressive and ferocious, almost baying for blood.


Meet Mister Terrific:

Curtis Holt/ Mister Terrific is working at Palmer Tech, presented a “workforce reduction” plan to tide over major crisis staring at the company. Felicity came back to Star city in the hope of honoring Ray’s legacy as she is now the CEO of Multi-Billion dollar corporation namely Palmer Tech. She refused to fire people, instead bought time from the board by claiming that Mr. Holt needs workforce for his project that would revolutionize the technology industry. It is possible that this technology could be T-Spheres.


Oliver Queen running for Mayor:

When Oliver met Captain Lance, after bringing Jessica’s daughter back to home, he got deeply influenced by Lance’s remark “This city needs someone who can fight in the light of day, not someone lurking in shadows”. As a result, he is contemplating to run for Mayor’s office.


Laurel wants to revive Sarah Lance using Lazarus pit:


When she came to know about the secret of Lazarus pit from Thea, she is planning a trip to Nanda Parbat with Thea to resurrect her sister. Can she do it alone?

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