4 Reasons Why Dumbledore Was The Greatest Fictional Character Of All Time

There is a considerable measure of splendid characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series— and, clearly, in the realm of fiction as a rule — yet regardless of the hardened rivalry, Albus Dumbledore still sparkles like a crisp Lumos wand tip.

Check out these 4 instances which prove that Dumbledore was the greatest fictional character of all time.

1. The time he forecast the future more precisely than Professor Trelawney


It’s not a big deal: just Dumbledore coolly foreseeing something that will happen in four years’ chance with uncanny precision. After Harry spares Wormtail’s life in the third book he stresses he’ll have accidentally helped Voldemort rise again — and after the occasions of book four, this surely is by all accounts the case.

In any case, he winds up being totally appropriate about the bond between them; in the Deathly Hallows, Wormtail’s flitting faltering in Malfoy Manor permits Harry to get away, and Dumbledore’s forecast works out as expected.

2. The Time We Found Out Just How Astute He Truly Is



The transitory ” gleam of something like triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes ” doesn’t mean much to us in book four, however, before the end of book seven, it’s significant. As Dumbledore discloses to Harry comfortable end of the series in his King’s Cross vision, by taking Harry’s blood Voldemort incidentally went up against a portion of the security Harry’s mom gave him; basically, by staying alive, Voldemort was likewise unwittingly ensuring Harry.

3. The time he displayed his sense of humor


He has some great jokes, yet this entry in book four where he gets thoroughly diverted briefly overlooks he’s intended to enlighten the school concerning The Triwizard Tournament is definitely appreciable.

4. The time Dumbledore took on the entire Wizengamot and won


Additional proof that he would be an executioner legal advisor comes toward the start of book five when he tranquility cuts down Fudge’s whole Wizengamot with his all-around created contentions and gets Harry free.

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