The Flash To Face Huge DC Villain Who Once Seduced Green Arrow

When we left our beloved Barry Allen in the mid-season finale of The CW’s The Flash,  the fastest man alive was awaiting trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe. When the show returned, we saw ‘The trial of the Flash’ and he was held guilty of committing a crime. But the fans have uncovered some information which points to a new villain in the Arrowverse. This is anything that we have ever seen.

The character breakdown so uncovered from the set of CW’s the Flash has been produced below for your scrutiny.

[VERONICA DALE] Mid 20s-30s. Female, an Environmental Activist (back when she was still sane) turned Animal Liberator turned Domestic Terrorist, who’s the leader of the Eden Corps — a cult-like organization that proposes to turn back the clock to a pre-industrial age — and if millions of innocent people have to die in the process, well, that’s just tough… LARGE PRINCIPAL

Oooh, I got jitters from that, how about you? Prima Facie one thing is clear, Hyrax is coming to the arrowverse.

The Consequences

Who is this Hyrax chick you ask? Well, let me enlighten you oh sweet summer child. Hyrax is a major villain who appeared in Green Arrow comics in yesteryears. She led the Eden Corps, a group of radical extremists fighting for animal rights. She was also around the same age as mentioned in the preceding character sketch.

What’s special about another nutjob in the Arrow-verse, you say? She’s just another human being with some martial arts and some sidearms, we’ve seen a million of them. Why am I so excited about this nutjob psychopath, you ask? Why should I bother with another dame in tights who’s nothing more than a haircut and tits?

Well because in the comics hyrax was originally introduced as Veronica Dale as part of-of a mission that green arrow Oliver Queen was working for the NSA.

The whole story starts when Oliver Queen meets a parallax HAL Jordan, this story takes place in Green arrow #96 right after the events that changed the entire premise on which the DC Universe used to work.

You see, this is the days of comics when Hal Jordan first understood the real power of fear he understood that if he was to save everyone that he loved that he had to utilize the power of fear much more than the power of his will and Jordan became an Omega level entity call Parallax who bent reality and space to his will. As a great man once said, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So, as it seemed to be, Jordan went full on  Supervillain and Oliver Queen was the one to finally put his best friend down. This is the first time we see Hal Jordan as Parallax interacting with Oliver after the death battle but that is not enough all this while Queen is being led into a trap set by the new NSA boss known as Mr calendar, he’s setting up a trail for Oliver because Queen is a hunter.

As Queen is led into a trap , we’re told that Connor Hawke (a member of team arrow at the time, fans will remember this character from post-flashpoint arrow as a future John Diggle, jr who replaced Sarah Diggle after the events of CW’s Flashpoint) is actually the bastard of Oliver Queen, born of Sandra Hawke.

All this information is hard for Oliver to process. To find out about an illegitimate son and to meet your Best friend after his murder by your hands is too much for any man to process.

And how does our hero deal with all this? He goes on a mission for the very agency that was hunting g him. He is turned by Mr. Calendar to infiltrate the Eden corps, claiming that it is a radical extremist group with an agenda to save nature in its raw form.

Oliver is informed by Mr. Calendar that Eden Corps plans to use a bacteria known as Mutajek 9-9 to raze civilization to the ground. And who is leading this group? Veronica Dale.

Oliver Queen, in an attempt at espionage, pleads nature love to Veronica Dale. He shows up in all of his playboyish charm and Green Arrow skill, he’s on the hunt, and Hyrax is his prey. It is only a matter of time before he has Hyrax eating out of his palm.

But the continuous interruption by NSA and Team Arrow alike (only containing Arsenal, Conner Hawke, and Eddie Fyers at that time), give Hyrax cause for doubt. Veronica is also a cunning woman, she is also a hunter, just like Queen. Two Alphas attract each other. And sure enough, the romance that was a mere facade of Green Arrow for infiltration starts to become something real. A hurt Green Arrow with a sense of longing and hurt by betrayal finds solace in Hyrax.

The pair grows closer all the while knowing that they can’t possibly change the outcome of their missions. Hyrax must server the earth and Green Arrow must protect the status quo. The entire plotline comes to a culmination when Hyrax decides to level metropolis to further her endeavors, and in the shootout that follows Hyrax and Green Arrow both lose their lives.

Yes, Green Arrow dies at the end of this story. Though some retcons later he was as good as new in the DC continuity, Oliver Queen does lose his life, despite Superman’s best efforts to the contrary.

Now, what does it mean for the Arrowverse, and how does Hyrax fit in the CW’s Flash continuity, more importantly, how does she fit in the arrowverse. Will we finally see some Superman x Green Arrow x Flash action? Does this mean that CW’s Arrow might lose his life? Is this the end of the Arrowverse as we know it. But, lasting consequences, does DC really have the hall to pull that off? Who takes Arrow’s place? Perhaps a newly born Batman. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This may be the trigger that sets Bruce Wayne in motion, we know too little about Gotham from the arrowverse to know. But it’s important to note that this also means that Olive Queen has a new love interest. And in fact, after Felicity, it’s a change I welcome.

Now, it’s also pertinent to note that The Flash mid-season finale set the stage for the upcoming events of Trial of the Flash. Framed for the murder of Clifford DeVoe (after he transferred his mind to another metahuman’s body) The Scarlet Speedster sentenced for life without parole in the court of law.

For a man who can run anytime he wants, Grant Justin’s Barry Allen has a belief in the system, or perhaps he has a plan in mind. We don’t know, but given the Hyrax data, we can safely assume that things are destined to go south. We have to wait and watch.

The Flash airs on The CW, starring Grant Gustin as The Flash, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlyn/Killer Frost, Candice Patton as Iris West Allen, Carlos Valdez as Cisco Ramon, and hopefully someone seducing Oliver Queen as the DC villain Hyrax, leader of the Eden Corps.

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