Josh Radnor Confesses His Regret About HIMYM’s Ending

Most of the How I Met your Mother fans were disappointed when they saw the way things got ended on the show. Most of the viewers didn’t happily accept “the mother” when the face was finally revealed. However, no matter, what we say, this is the ending that the show has received and to be honest, we all can’t do much about it, except cribbing about the ending.


Josh Radnor had an interview with Vulture, where he was seen defending the sudden twist ending, which most of us couldn’t digest because of some pretty obvious reasons. And he was not the only one who defended the ending, but his co-star, Cristin Milioti, who played the mother on the show, also said that “fans reacted the way they did because they were so invested.” And honestly, every bit of what she said is true. All the fans were just so into it, that they couldn’t accept the way everything ended.

To add to on to this, Josh Radnor said, that had they been given more time, things would have been different. He mentioned, that the show would have been improved if there was more time available in their cart. He said, “I wish we had 10 extra minutes in the finale that we didn’t have”. “There were some things that got cut that … I thought were really beautiful. But I think the show ended how it should have ended, and … the people who were quieter about it really enjoyed it.”

So, even our very own Ted, wanted a different ending, when it comes to the mother. However, like he said, the show ultimately ended, like the way it was supposed to be ended and not many of us, but still there is a set of audience that has actually enjoyed the way it has ended.

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