2 Mistakes in Eternals That Can Be Fixed By The Blade Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe opened up its borders to a number of new things. Part of this is the inclusion of Eternals and the power cosmic which had only been talked about up until. now. However, Eternals brought this concept into the limelight and highlighted it for everyone to see. The movie had a certain number of expositional storylines such as the concept of cosmic energy and how the Celestials control them that needed to be talked about. But it went over and above what was expected and it also introduced the Ebony Blade and vampire hunter Blade into the MCU. There is the expectation of a Blade movie releasing soon, so here are 2 mistakes in Eternals that that movie can fix.

In the after-credits scene of Eternals, we see the character of Kit Harrington unveil the legendary Ebony Blade. This is a sword that is blessed by the souls of the damned and it corrupts the minds of those who use it. So it was surprising to see Dane Whitman unveil it in such a fashion. But what was even more surprising was the voice that followed. It was the voice of Mahershala Ali who was being “introduced” as Blade in the MCU.


For the uninitiated Blade is a Marvel character who hunts vampires. The character has already featured in its own trilogy of movies so bringing him to the MCU was a pleasant change. But we only hear his voice in the after-credits scene and never see his face or costume. This was one of the two big mistakes that the movie makes. The second mistake in the movie is the underutilization of the Dane Whitman character.


Mistakes In Eternals

If this character is indeed the Black knight then he should have gone to help Sersi when he knew she was in danger and could use all the backup she could get. But all is still not lost, Marvel can still fix both of these mistakes in the future. You see, it is expected that the upcoming Blade movie in the MCU will feature Dane Whitman’s Black knight in a supporting role. The Ebony Blade is a sword that has a connection to vampires and that is the reason why Blade appears when the sword is unveiled. We expect to see this storyline getting expanded upon when in Blade.


Similarly, MCU can use Blade to explore both the characters of Mahershala Ali and Kit Harrington, giving us much-needed exposition and explanation. Even more so, since these characters were not given any screentime in their debut feature, which was, technically, Eternals. We expect that Black Knight and Blade will team up in Blade and destroy a nest of vampires while furthering their search for Dracula, which is the ultimate aim of Blade. This would also mean that Blade would be able to mentor a novice Dane Whitman in the ways of the sword.


We must remember that Dane Whitman in the MCU is a very new character who has no training in using mystical weapons. If he wants to fight the good fight then he would need to learn to be a part of a team where he can support other heroes. Moreover, he lacks crucial combat experience, and unless his skills are hardened in the field and sharpened to the point of precision he will never be able to assist the Eternals in saving Sersi in Eternals 2.


The Future

Both of those things can only happen when he runs a mission and to do that, Blade would be the perfect stage. This movie would allow the characters to bounce off of each other and learn from each other. The character arcs can be beautifully manipulated if Marvel plays their cards right. But this has to be a very well-made film or it will end up being an exposition dump much like Eternals and Matrix 4. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for movies with epic scope and amazing CGI but the story is not something we can ignore any longer.


However, it is more important what the fans want and they want to see these characters kicking some ass while they take our breath away with the emotional beats of the story. So let us know what you want from the Blade movie down in the comments below? Do you think it will correct the mistakes in Eternals? Or will it make even more mistakes?

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