Thanos vs Silver Surfer: Here’s Why Thanos Will Prevail Over Silver Surfer

The Marvel Comic Universe has a lot of heroes that operate solely on Earth. Then there are other heroes who defend not just the Earth but other alien civilizations, maybe even the whole universe, on a daily basis. The Silver Surfer falls into the latter category. Silver Surfer is a being of pure cosmic energy. The Space Faring Superhero is one of the toughest and strongest creatures in the entire Marvel Multi-verse. A hero of his stature also requires a villain of equal caliber. Enter Thanos, the Mad Titan. Thanos has been consistently ranked amongst the elites of all evil clubs in the Marvel Universe. He has brought the entire universe down on its knees by virtue of his sheer intelligence and power. What if the Silver Surfer and Thanos decide to duke it out in a battle to the death? What would happen next? Presenting Thanos vs Silver Surfer – Which cosmic champion will reign victorious???

Thanos vs Silver Surfer
Thanos vs Silver Surfer

Note – Keep in mind that we are talking about the movie versions of these characters. For if it would have been a fight between Thanos and Silver Surfer from the comic books, Silver Surfer would have wiped the floor with Thanos’ face even before you could say ‘Mad Titan’……


Thanos is the last descendant of his own race, the Eternals. As an Eternal, Thanos possesses cast levels of strength to rival that of the Hulk in brute force alone. Thanos even has an army of his own to aid him in his battles. Thanos also possesses heightened intelligence and has an intellect that could give Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Shuri combined a run for their money. Do not let his skin color fool you.

Thanos is not just any player you see in the Marvel Universe in a day to day basis. The guy has conquered the whole universe, even the multiverse, by using his cunning and deceptive skills in the battlefield. Thanos also has the Deviant gene within his body. That gene alone makes Thanos the strongest, fastest and sturdiest as well as the ugliest of all Eternals to ever walk Titan.

The Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer was originally known as Norrin Radd. Norrin was a lowly inhabitant of a distant alien planet when Galactus came to devour his world to satiate his own hunger. In return for Galactus sparing his world, Norrin agreed to become his herald. Norrin Radd soon became the Silver Surfer. He was imbued with the power cosmic and could achieve incredible feats that are borderline godlike.

The Surfer could travel unaided in space, has superhuman physical attributes, energy manipulation, immunity to all forms of forcefield s and several other odd and peculiar abilities like phasing through objects and immunity to all forms of earthly diseases (possibly immune to death as it is). The Surfer is essentially immortal in the comic books and has enough power to kill his own creator in the movies. We have to assume the former ability of the Surfer carried itself to the movies as well.

Final Fight – Thanos vs Silver Surfer

Thanos vs Silver Surfer
Thanos vs Silver Surfer

This fight will go down to the last round. Thanos is smart, strong and deceptive. Surfer is the living incarnation of a Cosmic powered Super God.  If these guys start trading fists then that will be something the whole universe will remember for a long, long time.

Thanos vs Silver Surfer
Thanos vs Silver Surfer

Thanos and the Surfer have fought in the comic books and both have won fights. The Surfer tends to be the winner more than Thanos does in the comics. But this isn’t the comics we are talking about. Both the characters have been voluntarily drastically powered down in the movies to make way for a viable plotline. So this match is kind of even. Who will you bet on?

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Infinity War Infinity gauntlet

It is Thanos!!! Remember the Silver Surfer is only called the Silver Surfer because of his board. His physics-defying board is the reason and source of all his powers. If by any chance, the Surfer is separated from it, he is just another guy. Doctor Doom did it in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and all he had to do was manipulate some people and BAM!! He became the new Silver Surfer before the Fantastic Four defeated him. Thanos is much more cunning and a much better genius than the movie version of Doctor Doom could ever be. He has been playing his cards from the shadows ever since the MCU began in 2008. He is more than capable of playing his cards right in this one. As much as we hate to say it, for all his powers the Silver Surfer will still lose just because of the fact that Thanos is a wily genius son of a bitch.

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