10 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Banged Their Team Members

Member of various superhero teams usually wind up bonding with each other and mostly that bond turns into an intimate relationship. Sometimes it may be a one-off thing and the team members decide not to do it again considering it was a big mistake. Well, a relationship within a team mostly winds up failing. Here is a list of superheroes couples who banged each other while being on the team.

Killer Croc and Enchantress

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Ouchie!! Bangin the croc must have been really weird and painful, but that is a scenario for a normal human being, the mystical witch can do anything. imagine how it would have gone through, the coitus these two Suicide Squad members would have had would be nasty! Well, this weird thing happened in the latest “Rebirth” comic series.

Killer Croc is this big strong monstrous creature who’ll wreck shit indiscriminately, but he’s also a smart, strategic gangster trying to carve out his own place in a world that rejects and fears him. For anybody who’s ever felt like an outsider, especially if you’ve got some anger in you, Croc is strangely relatable. Sadly, Croc’s recent addition to the Suicide Squad hasn’t done him a lot of favors. There are some very slight hints about a budding friendship/romance between him and the Enchantress’s human host June Moone, but the most memorable thing he’s done that people would’ve read is getting a grudge against Aquaman in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, and that’s mostly just portraying Croc as more dumb muscle.

Starfire and Arsenal (The Outlaws)

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The New 52’s redesign of fan-favorite Starfire as a virtually unfeeling sexbot was about as bad an idea as you could get. A character most knew as a wide-eyed alien fish-out-of-water was now a promiscuous, jaded woman with no discernible goals or feelings. This made her a perfect inclusion for the disillusioned Outlaw team, consisting of her, the resurrected Red Hood, and Arsenal, the former Speedy. She then engaged in a sexual relationship with Arsenal.

But many times, the couple has attracted hate from different quarters. It could be because of two reasons. First is because of the author – Scott Lobdell who tend to write his books like a 90s action movie. For some its just not their thing. Plus he tends to populate the pages with a lot of narration that some people feel is unnecessary. He also has a habit of making some inconsistent writing and sometimes just puts in elements in the books that either he completely ignores or seems to decide against it in the later issues. The second reason is fans just can’t let go of Jason.

Sue Storm and Reed Richards 

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Reed Richards a.k.a Mr. Fantastic is the man with the highest intellect. He has mastered practically every science known to man – time, space or inter-dimensional. He is a child prodigy who is decades ahead of his time. He holds multiple Ph.D.’s in theoretical and applied physics. His IQ is 267 which is stated to be “Level Twelve Intellect” by Tony Stark.

Despite insanely high IQ, he can be flirtatious and corny as well. He fell in love with Sue Richards and the two got married and had a son.

Storm and Wolverine

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Well, Jean and Wolverine are a famous couple now, thanks to Fox’s X-Men franchise. But alongside that Wolverine and Storm got intimate too. Halle Berry recently revealed that she and Wolverine always had a thing for each other but Logan chose Jean over her. In the comics, the two have been involved with each other sexually too and it would have been real ‘Electrifying’ for Logan.

We know that Wolverine and Jean Grey have had an intense affair in X-Men movies, but Halle Berry recently made a shocking revelation that Storm and Wolverine were secret lovers and hooking up with each other. It is not just a theory concocted by a fan, Berry revealed in an interview with EW and this is what she said:

“Storm and Logan used to be lovers. It’s true. Storm and Logan had a thing. I joke in the movies, I’m like, ‘How come nobody’s loving on Storm.’ Like what’s wrong with Storm? Nobody is checking for Storm. So, we decided that Storm and Logan had a thing, and then Jean came and messed that up. When he really decided that Jean Grey was his love that caused a problem…he was having two girls at once thing, that didn’t work for…that doesn’t work for Storm.”

It may come across as a shock to people but there were clues and hints all over the X-Men movies. For instance, there was a whole sequence in X2 where Mystique transformed herself into Storm and trying to seduce Wolverine and he is into her. Another huge hint about the relationship between Wolverine and Storm came in the form of a deleted scene in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, where Logan is seen giving Storm a passionate kiss before he travels back in time to save the world and mutant tribe. And it is no surprise that Jean Grey was responsible for ending their relationship and took Wolverine away from Storm.

Deadshot and Harley Quinn

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This is probably the main thing that might anger the Clown Prince of Gotham the most. His one and only love is totally crazy that we all know, but forgetting about him and getting involved with Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot is next level shit.

Harley slept with Deadshot the first chance she got in ‘Batman: Assault on Arkham’. We saw hints of that happening in the Suicide Squad movie too!

Silk Spectre and Doctor Manhattan

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The most commonly known couple from the Watchmen storyline is this one. Their initial shared kiss on a rooftop patrol morphed into living together in a government base where Dr. Manhattan felt comfortable having his several-story-sized wang out 24/7.

And you would imagine that this wang would have banged Spectre multiple times and with multiple Doctor Manhattan at once. Good Lord, Spectre’s got the real deal!

Silk Spectre and Night Owl

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Well, Silk Spectre would be the worst girlfriend to have, but good for her. When she did not get the proper attention she wanted in a relationship from Doctor Manhattan, she moved on and got intimate with Night Owl and we all saw every detail of that in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, when they did it mid-air, setting their plane on Auto-pilot.

Starfire and Dick Grayson

This is a very famous couple from Teen Titans. The two fell in love the moment they saw each other and due to the way Starfire learns to communicate, which is through physical contact, she was pretty vocal about their thing right from the beginning.

Well, Nightwing has got the real deal!! A super hot alien from a different planet, their sex would have been ‘Legen-wait for it-Dary’.

Hawk Girl and John Stewart

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It might have been a cartoon and unable to show any actual shaboinking, but it was based on comics and c’mon, you know these two engaged in unhero-like conduct behind the scenes.

Justice League the Animated series might have been a kids show, but it was very much for the adults too!

Wonder Woman and Superman

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Often considered one of the great impossibilities in comic books, Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship was finally made cannon under DC’s New 52 era. One of the biggest changes made in the line was Superman and Wonder Woman being disengaged from their long-time human relations, Lois Lane and Steve Trevor respectively, and finding a romantic relationship with each other as members of the fledgling Justice League. Fans were so pleased to see this particular ship sail that they got their own comic line together. It lasted right until the end of the New 52 comic line and it is also hinted many times in the “Rebirth” comic line.

In the New 52 reboot of the DC universe Superman and Wonder Woman are partners and are involved in a romantic relationship and the comic even suggests and tosses around the words such as “love”. DC even made a new title Superman/Wonderwoman. Her first love interest was Batman, but Batman being not interested (following his self-code of conducts for being a hero), and after the death of Lois Lane, Wonder Woman started supporting Superman mentally, and later she discovers that Superman is the only worthy man for him. In the injustice timeline where Lois Lane is dead and Superman becomes a tyrant or as he says “Enforces Peace” the same relationship can be seen again.

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