All Powerful Cosmic Beings of MCU Ranked (Including Eternals & Celestials)

Over the years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has wonderfully established the entire universe and still continues to do so with the various upcoming projects. This process requires introducing various characters who might have played a significant role in the universe that we get to witness. We have witnessed various characters who are equivalent to gods in the movies. MCU has used the comics for reference but also generated various of their own explanations for certain events. According to the MCU, Celestials or those beings who are created by Celestials are considered to be cosmic in nature. While Asgardians are godlike beings who have existed in the MCU for a long time but they are not associated with Celestials beings considering they are just another powerful alien society. Let’s take a look at some powerful cosmic beings of MCU that we have witnessed so far. We’ve actually ranked them based on their powers.

8. The Deviants

Eternals tells us that Arishem created the Deviants so that they can kill the apex predators on Earth so that enough life could be developed for a new celestial to be born. The Deviants were made from cosmic energy but they don’t have the sufficient powers to make an impact. Most of their powers center around absorbing power and they were able to do this when Kro was able to feed on Gilgamesh and become a more sentient being. They were quite simply foes to the Eternals and were easily terminated by the latter except for Kro.


7. The Eternals

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The Eternals were the creation of Arishem. They turned out to be a much better version of the Deviants with a wide range of powers. They introduced us to a whole new set of powers we hadn’t seen in the MCU before and this includes Sersi’s ability to manipulate matter and Ikaris’ laser vision and enhanced flight. While they are quite powerful but that doesn’t make them completely invulnerable considering they could also be beaten by certainly empowered mortals as well. These beings also end up losing their powers if they lose faith but they are certainly quite powerful and are definitely a major addition to the MCU.


6. Uatu The Watcher

We first saw the Watchers in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and they were introduced with the perspective that they carry. Uatu belongs to this race of cosmic beings and they are provided with the task of observing the events of the universe and the multiverse too. But we saw Uatu in action as he fought with Ultron in the What If…? and this clearly indicated that they are quite powerful too. While he does end up using the help of other superheroes to defeat Ultron but one has to consider that the ability to see anything and everything across a multiverse of endless possibilities is something quite incomparable.


5. Star-Lord

Our first hint at the Star-Lord’s powers came when we saw him hold the Power stone with his bare hands while the same thing when done by others killed them. This event happened at a time when he wasn’t even aware of this relationship with a Celestial, i.e. he was the son of Ego. We do see him utilizing his powers as he fights with Ego and there he was able to manipulate matter. But since the character doesn’t actually end up siding with his father we can’t actually judge his full potential.


4. Thanos

We weren’t sure if Thanos was a cosmic being but when his brother Eros appeared in Eternals as an Eternals our theories were confirmed. Thanos’ powers mostly came from the technology and armory he had acquired along with the possession of the Infinity Stones. We have seen him fight with the likes of Thor, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Strange amongst other powerful beings. He is definitely one of the strongest characters we have witnessed so far considering the character is able to take hits that could have destroyed entire cities and worlds.


3. Ego

Ego is a Celestial who has existed since the universe was created and he had made it his mission to assimilate living planets. He had been able to successfully acquire life forces across thousands of planets across the universe. Even though he was a planet, he had been able to create his own atmosphere, organisms, and an organic body that became his avatar. He ended up being a rather difficult enemy as it required the forces of the Guardians along with his own Celestial son to bring him down.


2. Eson The Searcher

We had only gotten a glimpse of Eson in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and it was quite enough to give us a fair idea of the power that he commanded. He was later revealed to be a Celestial and the footage we got to see showed him destroying an entire planet while wielding the Power Stone. We haven’t yet seen someone use the Power Stones to such a massive scale as Eson seemed to be handling it quite casually.


1. Arishem The Judge

As we have already seen, Arishem is responsible for the creation of both the Eternals and the Deviants and this is definitely a clear indication of his massive powers. We saw him come to Earth in his enlarged state and pick the individual Eternals from the different continents so that he could take them with him. He is clearly the greatest cosmic character that MCU has presented as we are not aware of any means of defeating him.

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