MCU Theory: Loki Will Become An Evil Villain After Seeing His Endgame Death

Loki Become An Evil Villain:

Marvel treated fans recently when they released a slew of trailers marking the earnest start of marketing for the Disney+ shows. Up until now, Marvel has only used the streaming platform to test the waters. They released shows like Jessica Jones, The Daredevil, The Punisher, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage so that they could judge the reception of the audience and at the same time not affect the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga. A lot of fans were disappointed because they became invested in the Netflix shows and never saw the stories culminate into a big team-up alongside the Avengers.

The reason was that Netflix shows had a completely different tone than the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems that Marvel is now learning from its mistakes and improvising with the Disney+ shows. The main contender for pushing the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies into the next phase is now the upcoming show Loki.

The creators and the writers have sought it fit to send Loki on an adventure. In the trailer we see him escape from the events of Marvel’s Avengers and find himself in the clutches of the TVA (Time Variance AuThority). For those of our readers who are not into comic books, the TVA is an old staple in the Marvel Multiverse, its job is to monitor timelines and correct any anomalies. The interesting thing is that after his escape with the tesseract, Loki is now himself an anomaly of time.

His existence is in contradiction to the universe and the space he subsumes. In essence, the time variance auThority is a policing agency for the timeline of a universe. We are about to deal with multiverses in Phase IV of the Marvel  Cinematic Universe. But this show is about to go on some tenet level time travel adventure.

The latest trailer has also inspired the fandom when it comes to theorizing the future. There is a theory making the rounds that makes some rather bold claims about how the Loki show will be tied into Thor 4. It is an interesting idea, quite sensational. The basic structure remains the same but one of these theories gives a very interesting concept as to how this will happen. The theory goes that while Loki is being questioned by the Time Variance Authority they will show him why he is such an anomaly.

When they do that they will let him witness the fate of Loki in the prime timeline of Endgame. This will not only show Loki how he would have ended up but also reinforce the idea that no redemption could have ever helped Loki to achieve his dreams. It will shove him into the utter realization that no good deed goes unpunished.

The theory is that this will act as a complete overhaul for Loki, he will become an even worse villain than what he was during Marvel’s Avengers. It will be a rebirth of evil, of pure carnage, a complete flipping of character to become the personification of death. Loki will want to tear everything apart, including his own brother who is even more powerful after the events of the Infinity War. The plot of Thor Love and Thunder is said to be inspired by the latest comic arc about a new mysterious Thor who takes up the mantle after Odinson becomes unworthy. She assumes the role of the thunder God on behalf of Odinson and starts to unleash her vengeance on enemies of good.

The identity of this Thor is Odinson’s love interest from the first Thor movie who is suffering from cancer and going through treatment in Asgard. She is aided by Heimdall but this story will not fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is now. Moreover, it will be quite interesting to see what kind of ploys does Loki comes up with and in what kind of a situation.

It is also highly likely that Loki will collect resources and power in his time. The time variance authority, He will seek to collect weapons of sorts in a way to harness that power against his brother and a new Thor wielding the Mjolnir. What do you think about this theory, let us know in the comments below.

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