Eternals: 4 Questions About The Celestials Will Be Answered Soon

After the writers changed the origin of the Eternals, fans have a lot of questions about the new one. But they have more questions about the Celestials now. And according to Eternals’ producer Nate Moore, the movie will answer four of the biggest and most important questions about the Celestials of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The new MCU movie will introduce the cinematic world to a whole new species of super-powerful humanoids, the Eternals. And fighting against them will be their genetic rivals, the Deviants. Both of these species are the creation of the All-powerful Celestials. According to the source material, Celestials based their genetic component on the Human DNA and thus, the resemblance. The Celestials have been teased earlier in the MCU (GotG) but haven’t been mentioned yet. And for the comic fans who know about their importance in the books, the MCU’s version of the Celestials are quite surprising.


Questions About The Celestials

Luckily, the movie will answer four of the more important questions in the movie. Last year, at the set visit at the Pinewood Studios, Nate Moore confirmed that the movie will answer these questions – what their role was in the creation of the universe, how they’re different from each other, what their ultimate objective is, and what the exact nature of their connection to the Eternals is. MCU’s Phase 4 marks the flipping of a new page for the audience with new characters in every movie. So, it is quite natural for the newer audience to have questions about the Celestials. And Nate Moore addressed this quite perfectly for a mixed audience.


He quoted:

The notion of diving into the history of these space gods, what is their role to play in the creation of life across the galaxy, how are they different, what is their endgame? All things that we will learn in the film. We’ll also learn the connection between the Eternals and the Celestials.


Questions About The Celestials

Marvel Studios have mentioned repeatedly that Phase 4 is all about the foundation for the future. And addressing every crucial character’s origin strengthens this foundation. Marvel has perfectly handled the previous new concepts like the introduction to chaos magic, the multiverse, mythical creatures, and now the Celestials & the Eternals. And we hope they keep up with their standards in the future. Moreover, the Celestials belong to a complex race of immortal beings. They were even responsible for the introduction to x-gene in the comics. So, this movie might even establish their existence in the MCU.

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