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The Void in Loki Was Originally Very Different & Much Weirder

Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” was just released on Disney+ and it comes with a lot of good moments. Moreover, Loki’s character development that we’ve been seeing since episode 1 was finally seen in action. The episode has finally set Loki, Sylvie, and the viewers on the right direction to the entity behind the TVA. As explained by Judge Renslayer, no one is ever killed off. Everyone that gets pruned simply gets placed at the end of time (presumably), in a space called the Void. At the Void, Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant) tells us that the place is guarded is by Alioth, a monster that feeds on any matter. The Void in Loki seriously looks like a tough place to be in. But originally, it was supposed to a lot weirder.

The Void in Loki

So far in the show, it was all about the Void and what actually happened to the people and things that got pruned. While the place definitely had a lot of Easter eggs, the place has a very important significance when it comes to Loki. Now, Loki‘s head of production design Kasra Farahani has shared some heavy details about the Void.

In a recent interview with CinemablendFarahani said:

“We were trying to find moments to infuse The Void with surrealism. So that was the point of the giant heads, and also of the little Void creatures that look like the little peacocks. Originally, at some point, I was proposing a far more Salvador Dali-esque, Dada-esque version of The Void, and it evolved over time. But those bird creatures and heads made it through from the Dada-esque version to the English moors version of The Void.” 

So far, we’ve seen that the Void includes ball-headed peacock creatures, giant floating heads, and Alioth. But it seems that the place was supposed to be even weirder. The Void, if put in simple words, is a dumping ground for all of TVA’s unnecessary variants that disrupt the Sacred Timeline. And now, we’re at the end of the Void as Alioth has opened the gateway after being enchanted by Loki and Sylvie.

How Farahani’s Vision Could Have Changed The Void

The Void in Loki

Kasra Farahani’s vision regarding the Void actually could have been better, especially when it comes to Salvador Dali. He was a Spanish surrealist artist renowned for his strange art pieces and paintings involving melting clocks and distorted landscapes. An example of his exceptional work could be seen above. If and when combined with Dadaism – an art movement in the early 20th century that focused on nonsense and irrationality- it could have amped up the Void. I say that because it would have somehow jibed well with the whole concept of the Void, and its direct connection with the TVA.

It’s no doubt that the Void looks absolutely horrifying as it is. But if Farahani’s initial vision was to come into play, the Void would look much creepier and an interesting place. It would likely akin to the scenes of astral projection and dimension-bending in Doctor Strange. Now, imagine this with the infinite Easter eggs such as Thanos Copter, Throg, Stark’s Tower, Ronin’s ship, etc.

The Void in Loki

The Void represents the convergence of time where everything is rendered useless. Farahani’s vision wouldn’t have done any harm to it. So, this would have actually blended in perfectly with Loki’s character so far. Considering this concept, it would have fit well with Loki finding out that the Infinity Stones are useless. That is something he’s run after for so long. Moreover, he’s betrayed people for it. The Void could also reflect his discovery of the fact that he was always destined to fail and die.

Why The Void Goes With The Theme Of Loki

The Void, as it is, actually goes with the entire theme of Loki. The place anyway had too much to offer in very little time. It had to go parallel with the storyline of 9 more Loki variants, and also blend in with the welcoming of Mobius and Sylvie. And oh, let’s not forget Alioth. So in my opinion, if the Void would have been made more complicated, it would have been hard for the viewers to keep up.

So far, the show has set the tone. Be it the 70s aesthetic tone of the TVA, or this simple-looking Void, it all goes together. Regardless, Farahani has done an impeccable job of the house numerous elements without making a mess. Moreover, the Void has only intrigued the people further, and we cannot wait to see what lies behind this place. There’s a citadel that possibly belongs to Kang, but who knows!

Loki is currently streaming on Disney+. What were your thoughts on the Void in Loki? Let us know in the comments.

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