DC’s ‘Titans’ Series To Pull off Netflix Style of Content Distribution

The San Diego comic con saw the advent of a lot of content from Warner Bros. The company that now owns the DC comic book franchise and all of its subsidiaries went all out when they collectively and wholeheartedly carried out publicity procedures at the San Diego Comic-Con. We see the cast of one of CW’s premiere shows The Flash.

The entire cast of the show showed up to interact with fans and answer their questions. Some of the actors even spilled something and the various trailers for upcoming DCEU movies were released. It was a good comic con for DC.

Admit this chaos of content, DC also sprung upon us an live action 13 parter, the saga of a disgruntled Dick Grayson who breaks away from the bat family and forms his own team dubbed the Titans. Apart from the fact that Nightwing shoots people and curses and denounces the Batman we have a whole other string of rumors for you today.

You see, information has surfaced from reliable sources that the titans series will drop all of the 13 episodes in a Netflixesque fashion. We are going to receive the entire saga from start to end, so you can fulfill all your binge needs.

But the real question is what is DC planning by putting up the entire miniseries on display from the get go. Are they so confident about the content, do they know their audience that well ? It does not seem a smart move on part of DC to go for an all out assault when they house disappointments like justice league. What are you waiting for DC ? Bring me the excellent comic storylines and give us Darkseid . But this 13 parter seems promising especially because it’s Nightwing who’s at the helm of this madness.

Any comic book fan worth his salt will tell you that Dick Grayson is a force to be reckoned with. The man has been trained by literally everyone in the DC universe and his combat skills are equal to (if not better than)  the dark knight himself.

Nightwing is the protégé of the Dark Knight, he was the first robin and he has been speculated to be the strongest, if not the most intelligent companion the caped crusader has had over the years. The man has no ulterior motives, he’s an orphan who comes from the very bottom and his only motivation in life is to help the little man. It’s always on Bruce Wayne’s buck, but Dick is arguably a looser and a better batman than Bruce Wayne.

This was readily apparent during the knightfall saga in the Batman comics when Bane broke Batman’s back and the Batman mantle was passed on to Dick Grayson while batman recovered. Dick Grayson was also the first leader of teen titans and he has had a very risqué relationship with starfire, the cosmic princess from space. Teen titans have been an essential part of the DC’s live action universe ever since they increased involvement in movies and other visual media.

But what is the role of this new team led by Dick Grayson, and what is with this animosity towards Bruce Wayne aka the Batman, we have never see any problems with this pair. Dick is like a child to Bruce, he will never let him go too far, especially not to the point of using guns.

In Batman’s own words, “Dick is what batman should be”. Bruce Wayne is a psychopath, he knows this. After all what kind of a man dresses up as a bat and beats armed thugs to the point that they are afraid at your sight.

That is the reason Batman raised Nightwing, he wanted to pass on the correct teachings to the next generation, he did not want to pass on the madness. And yet, this DC live action 13 parter seems to be telling an very different story that they have aptly titles Titans.

Wait for this new series, it seems to be part of the big debut of DC’s very own personalised streaming service, the advent of this service also means that titans is only the beginning and DC has a lot of other stories for us.

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