15 CW Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

With the Advent of primetime television, we witnessed what was arguably the inception of the TV superhero franchise. With ambitious projects like Constantine and Riverdale that did not click with fans; to the much celebrated Arrow and Supernatural, it’s safe to say that The CW network is at the forefront of this dynamic change( if it qualifies as a change at all). So to celebrate their efforts here are the best 15 CW Shows ranked, for your viewing pleasure

Disclaimer: This list has been compiled with the view to get people interested in the said shows and ranks show after examining the source material they take inspiration from, the script of the respective shows and most importantly how the shows present the content. That being said this listen is just my personal opinion and any objections from the readers are duly noted. Please be kind.

15. Riverdale

The much-anticipated adaptation of one of the most famous comics of all time falls flat on its face as it enters this list at the very bottom. The show not only reskins our favorite characters from the comics but also changes the entire tone of the narrative. The result is a dark and gritty high School drama that is not even thrilling to watch. The twists seem forced and the danger artificial. Before the audience has a chance to settle with the reskinning of “Archie’s comics” we are thrown into the deep end of the story arc. The result? A fragmented and broken show that might be great for YouTube clips and driving traffic but not for a full-fledged drama series on a televised network such as the CW.

14. 90210 (CW Reboot)

The original drama about the Beverly Hills 90210 teens living and surviving this postal address was perhaps one of the most celebrated shows ever produced. The audience loved it, the characters felt real and the network made a lot of money off that Cash cow. The CW Reboot, however, is not a testament to its predecessor. The cast lacks charm and fails to connect with the audience in the same way that the original series did. The actin is just straight out bad and the story falls apart shortly after. The series has a lot of build up but the pay off is seldom as satisfying. Ultimately the show boils down to a constant chase that bores the audience before it can generate interest. Don’t get me wrong, the art direction is impeccable and the show certainly looks like the life of the rich and the teens “in the know” but that’s where the praise ends

13. The Tomorrow People

Before producing the much-celebrated hits like “Legends of tomorrow”  and “Supergirl” CW experimented with its own little superhero team. We are introduced to Stephen Jameson, an average teenager who finds himself smack in the middle of sinister events. That’s not all, our ordinary protagonist has some rather extraordinary abilities and a past shrouded in mystery and just a pinch of tragedy. Sounds like the perfect mix, doesn’t it? Alas! As good as the show seems on paper it never quite reaches its full potential. The ultimate reveal is clumsy and feels stale and reeks of cliché(s). The show is a poor attempt at starting a superhero-issue, maybe that it is the reason it never quite gained any traction.

12. Dynasty(CW Reboot)

We finally move on from disaster territory to painfully average revivals. CW brings back another hit from the days gone. The reboot has enough charm and allure to hold the viewer in its clutches but fails at crucial points, the reboot tries hard to be a successful sequel, but the actors let the façade drop a little too often. Any old fans would enjoy the show and would undoubtedly stock the season DVDs but that’s where the audience for this painfully average reboot ends.

11. Constantine

Who doesn’t remember this image posted by Matt Ryan on Twitter? The picture is titled #saveconstantine for the simple reason that the show was canceled after one season. Regardless, the show itself has some impeccable acting by the actor, he brings John Constantine to life like never before. Comic fans would appreciate the dark and exasperated tone the show sets from the start. Constantine deals with heavy and personal topics, it makes us question ( more than once) that what is the correct choice and how far is one allowed to go to save the world. Just like Hellblazer, John Constantine is ruthless and smirky as ever, the rake at the gates of hell! The show goes strong until the mid-season finale and ultimately ends on a climax, but even then failed to generate a viewership to stay alive.

10. Veronica Mars (2004-)

Veronica Mars has been broken into two parts, the 2004 iteration, and the current revival. The show is about a high school teenager who investigates mysterious events. I know !? But don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover. The 2004 greatest series’ sin was perhaps being too ahead of its time. The show was never popular in its original run, but now has a constant viewership and loyal fans, if you haven’t watched it yet you can consider delving into this piece.

9. Crazy-ex Girlfriend

What happens when you mix a slightly crazy girl, a new hot guy, a budding romance, a sad breakup and a move across the country job and then just sprinkle High school musical (Yes, the Disney channel movie) on top?

Don’t bother, I’ll tell you. You get this show. After all the ruckus this show is essentially that, an overcomplicated plot to create a peculiar situation for a mildly delusional protagonist. And for what you ask? For laughs, of course. Lol. I’m sorry for the lame joke. The lame humor is probably the only reason the show is so low on this list.

8. Beauty and the Beast (CW Reboot)

Don’t let the bad reviews discourage you. Beauty and the Beast is the flag bearer of CW revivals, and perhaps their redemption. The art direction is beautiful, the acting admirable and the script equally intriguing. It does more than enough to remind us why we loved the 80s iteration so much and then does some more to keep our attention. Without spoiling much of the plot I’ll say this, Fans shall not be disappointed.

7. Smallville

This show came to the CW in its sixth season and was honestly one of the blessings this network received. Not only did the show have remarkable special effects, it also portrayed our favorite character all too well. Seeing Clarke Kent fumble across the screen before he took his place as the savior of our world is a delight to watch. The leading man has a charisma to die for, mainly because we know his secret. The show received a record-breaking opening and went on to become one of the longest-running sci-fi shows on American television.

6. Legends of tomorrow

Legends of tomorrow started off with one of the most well-received pilots of all time, praised by Critics and fans alike for its unlimited potential. But as the show went on one thing became painstakingly clear, there was not enough screen time for every character to shine. The show tries hard to keep the premise new and interesting but all it achieves is distracting the viewer to an extent that the viewer no longer wants to keep up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad sci-fi show from any standpoint and comic fans would find more than one moment of epic comic book references but that is not enough to get it any higher than no. 6 on our list.

5. iZombie

When we are introduced with Rose McIver as a zombified Liv Moore, we’re only left with one question in our minds. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Ahem…. , excuse me…

iZombie is a pleasant surprise. The television adaptation of the DC comic of the same name more than redeems its source material. The show is inquisitive, interesting and fun to watch. It makes you sad and confused and then releases the tension with well-timed situational and slapstick humor. The narrative goes over well and the leading lady has an amazing screen presence. It’s a delight to watch.

4. Supergirl

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of CW’s Supergirl but I have to admit the show washed away all my doubts. We ditch the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the DCEU in this take on the arrowverse. Targeted to a more feminine audience Supergirl does a lot right. For one, it shows us the perfect Superman and how a girl must survive in the shadow of a man like that. Kara Zor-El is Superman’s cousin sent to Earth to protect her little cousin, but what do you do when the one you need to protect is the most powerful being alive and doesn’t need your protection? You start your life, and that’s exactly what our protagonist strives to do all throughout the show, all the while finding her rhythm as both a Superhero and a normal human. Supergirl is fresh and new and cheery, it’s created to give you happy vibes and then entertain you with the cluttered action. It’s a welcome addition to the arrowverse

3. Supernatural

The long-running classic makes it to the third rank on our list. The show’s first five seasons are arguably some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. It had everything, from hot ragged men to guns and ghouls. It had a slow deliberate pace and jump scares. It uplifted you and then broke your spirit only to put you into rehab and then have you gasping for more. We loved supernatural but then the network committed their biggest mistake, they overextended the story to milk the opportunity, which killed the interest and killed its viewership in a similar fashion. Loyal fans stayed and rest moved on. The show has a cult following and Winchester fan clubs but if you watch enough supernatural the loopholes start to present themselves to you so often that the immersion starts to break. The show is fun and great but in digestible bites

2. Flash

My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive! This statement is disproved and then reestablished yet and again as we progress through three seasons of this masterpiece. The show is quirky and has enough of a grip on the viewer to keep the premise interesting. CW’s Barry Allen himself is lovable and cute. The entire production is really reminiscent of the pre-crisis age of comics when comic fans fell in love with the character of the flash. The flash rogue gallery and the star labs team members exist as great supporting characters to the main attraction. BARRY ALLEN, the fastest man alive!

 1. Arrow


*Drum roll*

And the winner is …. Arrow.

Not much of a surprise, eh?

Oh well, it’s no wonder that this show makes it to the top of our list. With a serious tone and a morbid premise arrow starts off dark and gritty, and then things get worse. It’s not a story of redemption but one fueled by a crusade for vengeance. Oliver Queen on TV is more reminiscent of a pissed off Batman from the comics than Green Arrow. But whatever this mix is, we like it. Arrow is badass and cool, his anger makes for interesting conversations between the cast and unpredictable plot points. Moreover, his intellect creates strategies for great action. The show is tangled with your idea of right and wrong and makes the viewer question the morality of their inaction when they see the society is ruled by the corrupt and the powerful. It then, not only engages us in the current story arc but also presents the protagonist with new and more intelligent antagonists to best. One of who is everyone’s favorite Deathstroke. Say what you may, but no comic fan can resist a good Green Arrow vs Deathstroke match especially when there’s a tragic past to delve into.

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