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How Carnage Can Still Return in Venom 3

Sony’s Venom might not be something as complicated and well established as the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it still makes for enjoyable viewing. The movies have certain elements that sound silly but it makes up for it with the giant battle sequences and the performances of the actors in their characters. Let There Be Carnage saw a much more ruthless villain with Woody Harrelson and it was the perfect mixture of Carnage and Cletus Kasady. We are more excited about these movies now that we are assured that Sony will continue with their deal with the MCU. This will allow us to see some more projects around the character and some more of the crazy fights this time with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man also brought in. The ending of Venom: Let There Be Carnage might have indicated the end of Carnage but there is still a chance for his return. Read on to know how Carnage can still return in Venom 3

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The new Venom movie saw some rather crazy violent moments when we saw Cletus Kasady being the perfect match for Carnage. Later they do end up parting way because of differences of opinions and the issues with Shriek. Her powers actually end up being a weakness for Carnage too and this results in the duo not working out. We see something similar with Venom and Eddie Brock but here the duo works it out upon realizing that they are interdependent. This is the only difference that Carnage faces when it comes to finding a host. 


How Carnage Can Return

Carnage is a rather significant comic book villain and known as one of Venom’s massive arch-nemesis just like Venom is Spider-Man’s iconic villain. It seems reasonable that Carnage won’t be used as a throwaway villain and might be brought back by some means in future projects. Being an offspring of Venom himself we are well aware that he can hang around for a while without a host and look for opportunities to bond with new hosts. This will be one of the major opportunities for a possible return for Carnage.


Carnage might have been eaten by Venom in the movie but this doesn’t actually completely assure his demise. Carnage has been able to survive various times in the comics over the year even though Venom used the most brutal means to kill him. We saw Carnage get absorbed by Venom but he still managed to survive and stay dormant. After waiting for a while he headed over to take control of Eddie after having overpowered Venom. We could see the same thing happening in the live-action movie even though there has been a tendency of difference in the narrative for the characters in the comics and their live-action counterparts. 


Considering Venom is now transported into MCU we can actually see this Carnage arc play out much more. There have been various characters in the Spider-Man world that Carnage has actually bonded with. Carnage is known to be capable of cheating his death in quite inventive manners. There was even a time when he actually bonded with Shark to survive. There is even a chance for this to lead to the storyline for the Venomverse series of comics which are quite similar to the post-credits scene that we got to see in Let There Be Carnage. We could see the two symbiotes teaming up with the heroes in MCU for a common enemy. This seems like a massive project but considering the vast possibilities that have now been presented to the franchise, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.


With the vast possibilities that are now open for the MCU we can expect massive events to unfold and it won’t be surprising to see Carnage make a return. When Alfred Molina asked about the death of his character and how could he possibly return, Jon Watts told him, “In this universe, no one really dies”. This makes it quite clear that we can see a reasonable return of the character and just like Venom meeting up Spider-Man we might see this duo confronting Carnage too. It would make for an interesting narrative and an enjoyable movie.

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