Doctor Fate Vs Doctor Strange: Here’s Why Strange Will Not Be Able to Beat Fate

When it comes to magic, no being epitomizes the mystic arts more than Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe and Doctor Fate in the DC Universe. Doctor Strange is the sorcerer supreme of his world, and he has been the most popular one as well. He has displayed feats that no other wizard before him has been able to in the Marvel Universe. Doctor Fate, on the other hand, is a being of pre supernatural energy. Fate has been at the forefront of the DC Universe when it comes to defending the realm from all forms of supernatural and paranormal threats. He has even gone up against cosmic level foes and been the victor. When the world’s most talented sorcerer goes up against the world’s most powerful sorcerer, grab a front row seat and watch the cosmic event unfold. Presenting Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange – Who would win this battle of magic and why?!?!?

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate has had several incarnations in the DC Universe. His most well-known iteration has been that of Kent Nelson. Kent Nelson becomes the host to Nabu, a Lord of Order when he puts on the Helmet of Nabu to become Doctor Fate. Nabu is a literal god of the Old Order in DC. As long as Fate is wearing the Helmet, he has access to the vast godly reservoirs of magical energy and knowledge. Couple with his mystical Amulet and Cloak, Doctor Fate is nigh unstoppable.

Fate has several incredible abilities that truly make him a God of Magic. He has shown the abilities to use magic to replicate telekinesis, illusion casting, invisibility, call upon other gods to vastly increase his powers temporarily and a host of other powers. Doctor Fate is effectively immortal and also happens to hold the power to rewind and fast forward time (even without a Time stone).

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a character that has been progressively weakened as more and more issues of him have come out. The classic Doctor Strange was a beast. He could stand up to the Living Tribunal, the God that can even defeat Thanos even if the latter was wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. Strange also had the ability to go toe to toe against Galactus, a being that is literally the Power Cosmic in sentient form. Strange’s true abilities though, lie within his mind rather than his powers.

Doctor Stephen Strange is perhaps the most cunning wizard that has ever walked the Earth, maybe even the whole universe. It is his skill with the mind that he has fought and defeated countless foes several orders of magnitude more powerful than him. Strange was chosen the Sorcerer Supreme not because he could tap into immense amounts of magical forces, but because he was the most talented and skillful when it comes to fighting mystical foes.

Final Fight – Doctor Fate Vs Doctor Strange – Who will taste the sweet nectar of victory?

Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange
Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange

This fight will be hard to decide. Strange is the cleverest mystical genius and an extraordinary supernatural tactician to have ever lived. Fate on the other hand, is a God, in both literal and metaphorical sense. He has fought and defeated enemies without breaking a sweat that even the entire Justice League couldn’t. Kent Nelson is Magic in all its glory while Strange is the best Wizard that will ever be. A fight between them is not to be taken lightly. Cosmic Fireworks will soon follow.

So, who will it be? Who will win this magical battle extraordinaire?

The answer is – Doctor Fate. Granted, Doctor Strange is perhaps the most skilled sorcerer ever. He always has a trick up his sleeve. It is his mind that has helped him win the battles that were thought to be unwinnable. But Kent Nelson is also a sorcerer. He also has skills and abilities that Strange has. He is surely not as talented as Strange in the mystic arts but Fate is a God for God’s sake. He has enough experience under his belt to ensure Strange won’t be able to pull up any tricks that he can’t counter against. Moreover, with Nabu’s immense powers aiding him, Fate can ensure whatever Strange does, he could do a hundred times better. Strange might look like he is winning during the initial stages of the fight, but all Fate needs is one shot. One shot and the fight will be over before you knew it.

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