Thor: Love and Thunder Needs To Solve This Mjolnir Plot Hole

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming sequels from Marvel for some of their solo ventures. These movies will actually bring back some of the characters we have not seen since the events of Avengers: Endgame. This will definitely give way to some of the most interesting developments in the MCU and bring us some major changes. Amongst these is the upcoming Thor sequel, Thor: Love & Thunder, with a large variety of characters set to make their appearance in the movie. Even though plotholes are something that can slip into the intricate narrative of MCU, a specific plothole from the movie has left us scratching our heads. The artwork of Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor in Love & Thunder has given way to a Mjolnir plot hole. How is she wielding the Mjolnir even though we saw it getting destroyed by Hela.


One of the most essential parts of the Thor arch in the MCU has to be his hammer, the Mjolnir. Over the various projects surrounding the character, we have seen a lot of development based on the hammer itself. Fans have been debating for years regarding the worthiness of wielding this hammer and it actually ended up giving us one of the most awesome scenes in the Infinity Saga. But things were taken to a whole new level when Thor lost the hammer and he had to resort to the Stormbreaker to fight Thanos. But later the hammer did make an appearance during the events of Endgame.


The very first Thor film saw the God of Thunder trying to prove his worth upon being banished from Asgard. This narrative is followed by the concept that Thor becomes extremely dependent on the Mjolnir till Thor: Ragnarok. But it was only after losing the hammer when Hela destroyed it that he realized that he is more than the hammer himself. He actually gets mocked by Korg when he talks about the relationship he shared with Mjolnir. Later in the same narrative, he would defeat the enemy without the hammer and this would become an essential part of his narrative.


Jane Foster Wielding Mjolnir

Mjolnir Plot Hole

The art for Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in Thor: Love & Thunder indicates that the character will be wielding Mjolnir. This will be a part of the narrative that will actually see her taking the mantle of Mighty Thor in the movie. But this actually leaves us wondering regarding the status of the Mjolnir in the MCU. When we got to see Hela destroy the Mjolnir, it was a clear indication of the level of threat she poses to Thor. Jane wielding the same hammer actually is indicative of her power against that of Hela. But another interesting thing to be noticed here is that the hammer had to be brought back from the very place it was broken into pieces as indicative from the artwork.


Bringing Back The Mjolnir

Thor and Loki discover that Odin had decided to hide by himself after he managed to break Loki’s spell. He leaves Thor and Loki before letting them know about Hela and Hela arrives right there and destroys the Mjolnir. The location is something that was never clearly mentioned for anyone to remember and Strange was only able to figure it out when he got hold of a strand of Thor’s hair. This means that this location is not something rather common and it would actually be something that could only be figured out by certain people. But considering the metal is Uru and it has some magical properties, some other character could have gotten hold of it.


Mjolnir Plot Hole

This entire narrative has to explain in Thor: Love & Thunder, as it could actually end up giving us an essential narrative. They can use Jane Foster’s character as the one who figures out the location based on some magical property of the shards of Mjolnir. This actually makes us wonder that there might be some rather interesting narratives ready to be played out in the movie. These narratives will give way to setting up Mighty Thor and how she ends up wielding Mjolnir.


Thor: Love & Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 8.

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