10 Major Revelations Made in Game of Thrones Season 7

Because Winter is here!

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has ended with a finale that got mixed reviews. If compared with ‘winds of winter’, ‘The dragon and the wolf’ doesn’t match up and that is what is bothering the fans. Still, the season was pretty good and we got a lot of action at least. This season was fast paced seeing that only 1 more season is left and the makers are getting careless and restless. Still, there were a lot of things we got to know in this season. These are the biggest revelations of season 7.

Major Houses that are gone:

In this season we saw some major houses ending and some almost ending. The end of house Frey started the season and we couldn’t be happier and more satisfied seeing that this was the true revenge of the red wedding. Something that left us heartbroken though was the death of Olenna Tyrell, the queen of thorns and the end of house Tyrell. The sand snakes may not be a house of their own but they are dead too and if Ellaria Sand dies then the whole Dorne storyline is dead. Also, the Tarlys that is Randyl and Dickon Tarly are dead leaving behind Sam.

Dragonstone and Dragonglass:

It was revealed in earlier seasons by Sam that dragon glass has the properties to kill walkers and therefore Jon needed a lot of it. This season it was again revealed by Sam that dragon glass is available in abundance in Dragonstone which is why Jon goes there and meets Dany and we get our epic union of ice and fire.

Nymeria is alive and stronger:

This season gave us many reunions and one of them was Arya and Nymeria. Nymeria was last seen in season 1 and has now become the leader of a wolf pack. She depicts Arya’s own journey as both of them don’t belong in the domestic world anymore. Hopefully, we will see Nymeria again in season 8 and stronger than ever.

Gendry is back:

For many seasons we kept wondering what happened to the last Baratheon Gendry and now we know that he has been in King’s Landing all this time. Gendry is back and ready to fight with some great running skills that he flaunted in ‘Beyond the wall’. We still wait for his reunion with Arya and hope he has some great role to play in the last season.

Bran truly becoming the three eyed raven:

This season has shown a big change in Bran as he has become less human and doesn’t care about emotions and relations anymore. In a scene, he says that he remembers being Brandon Stark which means he is truly turning into the three eyed raven and leaving his old identity behind. If this is a good thing or not we will get to know in the last season.

Cersei being pregnant:

According to a prophecy, Cersei was supposed to have only three children who would all die before her and this season has revealed that Cersei is pregnant again and we are shocked. This has either proved the prophecy wrong or there is a shocker left to come. She might lose the child before it is born or something else could happen. It is definitely an interesting twist to the plot.

Jon and Dany uniting:

Jon has finally bent the knee to Dany and she has promised that she will fight for him. This is a huge thing as two heroes have now united and they can fight their enemies together now. This has been a long awaited union and fans are really happy about it. if this union will go beyond a political alliance we will get to know later.

The Walkers and Wights:

In the episode ‘Beyond the Wall,’ we saw a lot of action and the biggest revelation was that if the walkers are killed then the wights or the dead that were changed by them will also be destroyed. This is a big relief as it means that if the night king is killed then all the other dead will be destroyed too as he turned them all. This is probably the biggest revelation for Jon and company as they understand the real threat.

Jon is not a Bastard:

This season might not have revealed to the world that Jon is half Targaryen but we now know that he is a legitimate son of Rhaegar and Lyanna thanks to Gilly. So Rahegar and Lyanna actually got married in a secret ceremony after Rahaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell which makes Jon their legitimate son and strengthens his claim to the throne.

The ice dragon:game of thrones

The biggest death and loss in this season has been Viserion. Dany’s biggest strength was her three dragons and we had already seen Drogon getting injured at the beginning of the season and now we have lost Viserion. This is a huge blow and the night king gaining a dragon has increased his power immensely. It will be really hard to kill him now.

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