4 Ways How Marvel Could Introduce Adamantium In The MCU

We’ve seen a couple of amazing metals in the MCU. But how are they going to introduce another infamous steel alloy? Wolverine will make his MCU debut sooner or later. So, we’ve gotta see how Marvel could introduce Adamantium amongst other metals.


First, let’s look at the source material. In the comics, it was Dr Myron MacLain who came up with Adamantium. He was assigned to military research and development during World War II. Through a metallurgic accident, he created an indestructible Vibranium-steel compound called proto-adamantium. This is the strongest version of Adamantium, which was mixed with Vibranium to create the shield of Captain America. Despite decades of attempts to duplicate the accident, this version of Adamantium was never recreated. Although, those attempts did result in the creation of the true Adamantium in the 1960s. It came to be called “primary adamantium.”It is the version used upon Wolverine’s bones, and it isn’t easy to create. The version that is rather easily available is the “Secondary Adamantium.”


Well, we may not get these distinctions in MCU’s adamantium because first of all, the shield that Thanos wrecked was purely made up of Vibranium. We thought that the new shield that Cap brought for Sam from the other Universe could have been made of Proto-Adamantium. That’s how we could have got the introduction to this strong metal. But none of that turned out to be the focal point in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Although, we could still look up a few theories. Here are multiple ways how Marvel could introduce Adamantium in the MCU:



Marvel could introduce Adamantium

Maybe just like Virbranium, Adamantium could arrive on Earth through a meteorite. It could happen in the present-day MCU. But it could also have happened in the past, and the discovery of the metal ore could happen now. If this were to be the case, then Logan’s Weapon X program will have to take place in the present day as well. But this meteorite route has already been taken in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And Vibranium also arrived as a Meteor on Earth. So, I guess this trope would get quite redundant, and we should look at Theory 2 instead.


Scientific Means

Just like in the comics, Adamantium could be a rigid steel-based alloy created in the MCU. And guess what would be the special metal, the secret sauce leading to its creation. Well, it has to be Vibranium. Vibranium is the most important metal in the MCU so far. And as we know, Marvel really likes to build upon things that they’ve already established. So, Vibranium could offer a solid means to create a new alloy. The creation of Adamantium could have happened sometime between 1992 and 2015 after Kluae managed to steal a stockpile of Vibranium from Wakanda. The story is that he probably sold it to an evil organization that might have created Adamantium through Vibranium. But we haven’t seen the presence of Adamantium till now. And it would feel rather odd that no one has heard or used this alloy so far. So, maybe it could be produced through Vibranium in the present day. Now that Wakanda has opened up to the rest of the world, a bit of its Vibranium could certainly get out and be used for experiments.


Thanos’ Double-Bladed Sword

The directors of Avengers: Endgame hinted that Thanos got his blade made from Eitri. But still, we can’t be sure if that blade was actually made out of Uru. You see, Uru hasn’t officially been called out in the MCU. So for all we know, Thanos’s blade could be made up of Adamantium. Also, Mjolnir wasn’t able to harm Cap’s shield while Thanos totally sliced that shield. So maybe Thanos’s sword was not Uru, but Adamantium instead. And right now, two halves of that blade are somewhere on Earth. Maybe some organization managed to get their hands on these parts, and now they are going to infuse Logan’s entire skeleton with the parts of Thanos’ blades. Or better. What if the pieces of this sword are mixed with Vibranium to form Adamantium. It is an alloy after all! And using this mix, Wolverine might become insanely strong. Even more lethal than he has been in the comics, or in the Fox Universe. That’s because Adamantium will become the strongest metal in the MCU. If you’re not fond of this theory either, then my final theory involves


The Multiverse

Sam Wilson’s new shield may not be made up of Proto-Adamantium. But, the MCU could still use the Multiverse to bring this metal into the picture. Phase 4 has been opening up the Multiverse big time! Thanks to Sylvie and Loki, multiple Universes are now allowed to branch out freely. Several What If…? Universes have been explored. Venom has made his way into the MCU quite easily. Different Spider-Men, their villains, and several other individuals showed up in No Way Home, and Multiverse of Madness will also have multiversal characters. So, it would be safe to think that Adamantium could also come in through the Multiverse.


A Wolverine from an alternate Universe could walk into MCU’s Earth-199999 just as easily as Venom has. He obviously cannot be Hugh Jackman’s version of the character since Logan died, and Jackman retired. Moreover, we cannot have mutants coming in from Fox’s Universe because that would create a time travel plot hole. But maybe this new Wolverine could come in from a different Universe. He could be from the Earth of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, or any other Earth for that matter. He might have already gone through the Adamantium experiment on his Earth. So, the MCU won’t even have to give us an origin story for Wolverine and Adamantium. They could just start with things right off the bat.


Okay, that’s all from our theories about how Marvel could Adamantium metal into the mix. Which of these theories did you like? Let us know in the comments.

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