Why The Captain America Shield Was Altered In Endgame Revealed

Over the years there have been various developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each of the entries has paved the way for the next big story that ended up being a part of the larger narrative. Even though MCU has been quite consistent, there have been times where there were certain details were changed but there were reasons behind these changes. One of the most essential items in the franchise is Captain America’s shield and this item seems to have undergone a design change quite recently. It seems that the design change in the Captain America shield for Avengers: Endgame has a reasoning behind it according to Marvel.

Captain America’s Shield

One of the major developments in the MCU following the end of the Infinity Saga has been that of Captain America leaving the franchise. As he was returning the Infinity Stones to their respective places, he decided to go back to his own time and stay back with Carter. But before parting ways with the Avengers he managed to hand over his mantle to a character who was closely associated with him over the years. This was none other than Falcon, even though fans wanted that the mantle is given to the Winter Soldier. During the final moments of Avengers: Endgame, Sam Wilson was given this massive responsibility.


Later we would see him wield this equipment properly in the Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Here he realizes what the shield means and we also get to witness what it could result in if it goes into the wrong hands. But eagle-eyed fans might have noticed a rather interesting development in this item when the last time we got a chance to see it. The shield handed to Sam was ono the same one that Cap had used throughout his run as Cap in the MCU. There was some damage to the shield in the final battle during Avengers: Endgame with Thanos.


Reason Behind The Design Change

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The man behind the design change for the prop has finally revealed the reasoning for this change in the design. When fans got to see the Shield in the final moments of Endgame and throughout The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it had five detailed points engraved on the star and on the grey outer rim. In an interview with Phase Zero, Marvel Studios prop master Russell Bobbitt revealed,

My attitude was and the way I saw it, and the way I interpreted it was, ‘I’m handing off the torch. I’m passing the torch. I’ve made some improvements. I want you to run with this. It’s your shield, it’s not mine.’ Now, that’s one guy’s interpretation. Hopefully, alot of other people saw it the same way. But that’s kind of in a nutshell where [Marvel] went with it.


Captain America shield

He further added,

That motivation just came from the director. He said lets change it up. Kevin [Feige] was on board obviously when old Captain America hands off the shield, that’s when we introduced it. Knowing that there would be more to come as we saw in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


This makes it clear there was some amount of thought behind making this development one of the most essential items in the MCU. Fans could have simply considered this to be a new addition to the updated shield after it was destroyed in the last movie. But just like most of their attention to detail, Marvel makes sure that there is a major focus on everything that will be shown on screen. Even though it was not considered to be one of the most important elements in the series we can clearly see that there was some thought that went into this.


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