How Captain Carter Might Return In Doctor Strange 2

The latest Marvel’s Disney+ show, What If…? recently ended and it went out with a bang! But we have a theory explaining how Captain Carter might return in Doctor Strange 2. What If…? explained each character in an individual episode and saw them teaming up in the finale. The Watcher called the team, The Guardians of The Multiverse. These Guardians defeated Infinity Ultron and trapped him and Erik Killmonger with the Infinity Stones in a pocket dimension. More accurately, they trapped Arnim Zola instead of Ultron as Zola deprogrammed Ultron. The series ended with every Guardian going back to their respective universes.

However, not all of them were happy to return to their own reality. Captain Carter, who had lost her best friend, 70 years of life, and a lot more was reluctant to return. But the Watcher knew that her word still needed her and she had to be the “Woman out of Time.”

After seeing this awesome version of the old characters, fans started asking to bring these characters to live-action. And finally, Marvel agreed. The developers have confirmed that one Guardian of the Multiverse will soon be featured in an MCU movie. And which movie is better for introducing him/her other than Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And we have some pretty believable reasons to say that it will be Captain Carter. However, her role in the movie might not be too big as the movie is already packed with some big names.


How Captain Carter might return

Captain Carter kicked off the show with her charismatic persona. She was also one of the most prominent members of the Guardians of the Multiverse. Plus, there are still many people people who haven’t had a chance to check out the show. And are still unaware of her existence in the Multiverse. So, it would be strategically wise to include her as it could prompt people to watch the Disney+ shows.

When the audience will enter the theatre, they will be expecting something entirely new. After all, the Multiverse is supposed to be filled with such exciting characters. And Captain Carter is the only one who can stand up to people’s expectations since Chadwick Boseman’s Star-Lord T’Challa is no longer available. (May he rest in peace.)

If you still don’t believe that Captain Carter will be joining the cast of MoM, this will make you. When the Watcher, Uatu, called upon the Guardians of the Multiverse, Strange Supreme was the recruited first. And guess who was the second! Captain Carter! Since Strange Supreme is indisposed as of now, Peggy Carter is the only one left to help the main timeline’s Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff. However, try to keep your hopes to a limit. Since the movie will also feature some pretty big cameos (From the X-Men universe!!!), we don’t think that Captain Carter will get much screentime.


The first way she could assist in the movie is by her somewhat vast knowledge of the Multiverse. Doctor Strange was recently seen mentioning that he knows frighteningly little about. And Captain Carter can be his guide around unexpectedly dark turns. plus, Shuma Gorath is rumored to be the ultimate villain of the movie, and Captain Carter supposedly spent almost 70 years trapped in his world. She. might know its weakness and weak points and can help Doctor Strange in bringing him down.

How Captain Carter might return

The second way she could appear in the movie is a simpler one. The movie will see Wanda and Strange wandering around the Multiverse. And perhaps they enter the universe of Captain Carter. Similarly, they could give screentime to many characters from Loki and What If…? to tie them to the main storyline. This also works in connecting everyone who still hasn’t seen the Disney+ shows through the MCU movie.


Out of the two possibilities, the smaller cameo version seems more likely, considering the run-time and the number of characters in the movie. This movie serves the purpose of explaining the rules and concepts of the Multiverse to everyone once and for all. The movie will help to tie every non-canon show or movie to the wider MCU. In such a movie, giving a major role to anyone except the headliners might undermine its purpose. Ergo, Captain Carter’s short role as a reference to What If…? and all the universe we surfed through in the show.

Would you like to witness Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter in live-action? If yes, then this is how Captain Carter might return.

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