Why ZOMBIE Wanda Could Not Defeat Infinity Ultron?

The finale episode of What If…? is out and it was one heck of a ride. Seeing all the different variants across the multiverse assembled for a common cause gave us chills. However, there is one plothole that fans noticed. Don’t worry, here we are with an explanation! When Strange Supreme summoned the zombie ghouls from episode 5, fans hoped to see an epic confrontation between Zombie Wanda and Infinity Ultron. After her short but epic battle with Thanos, MCU’s Wanda nearly annihilated the Mad Titan. However, with Ultron, things went in a slightly different direction.


The episode kicked off with the Watcher gathering the various variants of the superheroes we know and love. The new team, the Guardians Of The Multiverse, included Party Thor, Captain Carter, Star-Lord, T’Challa, Thanos Gamora, and Erik Killmonger. They were led by Strange Supreme, who is arguably the strongest variant of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse. They travel from universe to universe, fighting Ultron. Strange opens a portal above Ultronto bombard him with the zombies from the universe of Episode 5. From them, emerges the Scarlet Witch, more clearly, her zombie.


Fans hoped to see zombie Wanda using the full extent of her magic to rip Ultron into pieces. Contrary to this, Ultron easily absorbed her magic. This was a direct call-out to the scene where Wanda confronted Thanos alone. In the MCU, Wanda’s magic almost ripped Thanos into mere atoms but the same didn’t happen with Ultron. This led to many fans scratching their head with confusion. Even though Ultron loses in the end, this moment really bothered the viewers. Luckily, we have a perfect explanation for this plothole.



When Wanda came face-to-face with the Infinity Ultron, she blasts Ultron with her magic. However, for Ultron, it was a mere paper cut. Even in the zombie Wanda, in her muddled state, realized she was in big trouble. Ultron then showcases the extent of his power and destroys the whole galaxy they were in. Calling ut some moments of the past, Wanda easily destroyed Ultron, no sweat. Then what happened this time?


We have a two-fold explanation. Firstly, this variant of Ultron is much more powerful than the one we saw in MCU. He had already destroyed the whole galaxy in his universe. He even destroyed Thanos, who was considered the most powerful being in the entire universe, in a couple of seconds. And after the stones, his power elevated to a whole new level. Plus, with his multi-universe stones, he was powerful almost everywhere. Even for the alive Wanda, this would have been a real backbreaker. However, this doesn’t mean the zombie Scarlet Witch was that weak. Ultron still had to destroy the whole planet just to kill her.


Secondly, Wanda, in Avengers: Endgame was mostly driven by her guilt of seeing Vision die, twice. The same can’t be said for her zombie variant. She might possess her powers but sometimes, the war is won by heart. Her endless hunger for blood wasn’t going to help either. So despite her power, she lacked the right motivation to finish the job.


Thirdly, the zombie Scarlet Witch was not comparable to the MCU’s self-taught master of Chaos Magic. And Episode 5 revealed that after becoming a zombie, the Avengers may have retained their superpowers, but they lost all their abilities. This gave the living ones a fighting chance against the zombified ones. After her recent outing in WandaVision, she has got a hold of her powers like never before. And with the Darkhold in her possession, her powers will not know any bounds in the coming future.


Here are all the reasons why we think the zombie Wanda was not a worthy opponent of Infinity Ultron. Do you think we covered them all? If you have some more to add, do let us known in the comments below.

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