Theory: Thanos Used an Infinity Crusher In Endgame

The MCU has been going on for quite some time now. We received an end to the first series arc of the Universe with Avengers Endgame. Here the story of 22 movies came to a cohesive end. But there was something at the start of the movie that upset a lot of people. Thanos said at the start of the movie,” I used the stones to destroy the stones”. We never see this, just hear about it. Well, a new theory suggests that Thanos used an Infinity Crusher to achieve this feat.

You may remember the infinity crusher from the finale of What If…? It is a weapon that has the Gamora that is wearing a Thanos Armor. The infinity crusher was part of the episode that got deleted because of production delays. It is a device that Stark created to destroy the Infinity stones in that Universe. The episode was titled What If…? Gamora and Tony We’re Sent to Sakaar. So it is implied that the Infinity Crusher was created by Stark by using the scrap metal on the planet.


Tony Stark is pretty awesome and it is heartbreaking that the only episode where he did not die was the one where he was prohibited from participating. Regardless, this infinity crusher itself is a fascinating instrument. This is because every Marvel fan knows that the infinity gems/ stones are indestructible. One can only crush them to a point where they become unusable. It is still hard to achieve but it is possible, unlike their destruction. So when Thanos says he destroyed the stones, he means that he atomized them.

Thanos used an Infinity Crusher

There are not many villains in the Marvel-verse who are as thorough as Thanos. The Mad Titan made sure to study his opponents beforehand. His knowledge of the battlefield and the enemy, along with his strategy ensured the Mad Titan’s victory. No one in the galaxy can battle this level of preparedness. Then there’s the fact that the might of Thanos is unparalleled. These things make the Mad Titan seem infallible. But we never would have thought that the Titan would use an infinity crusher to atomize the stones.


It may not have been of the same design as the infinity Crusher that Stark Made but Thanos would have had to use a similar contraption for the project. In the show What If…? The infinity Crusher that Gamora brings is actually powered by the soul stone. We think that this is the necessary component behind the mechanism involved in the crusher. You see, only an infinity stone can be used to break other infinity stones. The power of the stones is unrivaled. It cannot be supervised by anything in the Universe but itself.


This means that the only way Thanos could have destroyed the stones would be by using one on the others. Hence, allowing for effective atomization of these rare gems. The power of the stones is too great to be lost. If they are truly lost the balance of power in the universe is disturbed. So the stones can only be dissipated and never razed from existence. We think that Thanos used an Infinity Crusher to achieve exactly that objective. There could be no other way to achieve the desired outcome.


The Conclusion

The infinity Crusher is a curious device. It feels like an artificial robot that is given life by the soul stone. The contraption reminds us of the butter robot from Rick and Morty. No wonder that these writers decided to include such a trope. We wonder if the original infinity Crusher was ever planned to be included in Endgame. Although, we are happier to see that this version was included in What If…? Only Stark could have made something so ridiculous with the help of junk lying around the world of Sakaar.


There is no other pair except Stark and Gamora who could have defeated Thanos in space and ended Infinity War before it even began. What do you think of our analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Maybe it is too complicated? Does it seem rather vague? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!

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