Black Panther Set Video Confirms The Secret Ally of T’Challa To Fight A Supervillain

Black Panther or T’Challa, son of King Ta-Shaka, who lost his life during Civil War, as a result, he went after Winter soldier to settle his personal score. He is a brilliant strategist, scientist, tactician with a hybrid fighting style incorporating acrobatics and animal mimicry. He wears a suit made of vibranium (world’s strongest metal) which is used to make Captain America’s Shield as well. He is also called as “King of the dead” in latest marvel comics, which gives him access to all the experiences and wealth of knowledge of the previous Black Panthers.

Black Panther made his debut in the Marvel cinematic universe in the Captain America Civil war movie, played by famous actor Chadwick Boseman. Marvel studios have signed Ryan Coogler (of Creed fame) to direct the Black Panther solo movie, he will be the first ever Black person to have got such an opportunity from Marvel.

According to San-Francisco based East Bay Times, he has indicated that he would like to explore the schooling of T’Challa in Berkeley, California. He may well have studied the works of Howard Stark or Hank Pym which he would later use it in Wakanda. It would be interesting to see his character arc from an American school-going teenager to become a beloved King loved by masses.

Some of the plot leaks suggested that the leadership of T’Challa as King of Wakanda will be challenged by Erick Killmonger to be played by Michael B. Jordon.

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The Atlanta Times posted pictures from the sets where one can see Andy Serkis who played Ulysses Klaue in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. He is set to reprise his role and will play a major villain in the movie. He will join forces with Killmonger and challenge the throne of T’Challa.


So how will Black Panther fight back against such an enemy? The new set video has revealed the presence of famous all-female warrior group known as Dora Milaje from the Marvel comics which will protect the King from all possible threats.

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