10 Upcoming Remakes of Classic Hollywood Movies Hitting Theaters In 2018

There is something about the Vintage Culture that has still managed to entice the newer generations. When it comes to Hollywood, it is even more profound. Hollywood is an age-old phenomenon and it has given the audience ‘Classic’ movies that are so good that they still enjoy watching them even today. Now Hollywood is going back to its roots. Several remakes of these ‘Classics’ are about to grace the big screens this year.

Death Wish – March 2nd

The Original Revenge-Thriller of Hollywood is about to get a complete makeover in 2018. Bruce Willis stars as Kersey, a doctor (not an architect like in the original one) whose wife is murdered and his daughter is brutally assaulted. Kersey then takes matters into his hands when the authorities take no action and turns the criminal underworld upside down. The Original movie spanned four awesome sequels. Let’s hope the remake will be as successful.

The Upside – March 9th

The Upside is a remake of the massively successful French movie The Intouchables. The movie follows the story of a paraplegic who is given new meaning in life by a former criminal with a heart of gold. The French movie is still remembered as one of the greatest milestones of Foreign Language Cinema. The Upside will pursue a comedic take on The Intouchables.

Tomb Raider – March 16th

The Original movies starring Angelina Jolie were themselves inspired from Video games of the same name. The new Tomb Raider movie will be a reboot of those movies. The movie will follow Lara Croft as she receives a mysterious recording from his father and decides to save the world from a Mysterious Organization called Trinity trying to endanger it by getting their hands on the Mother of Death Tomb.

Overboard – April 12th

The 1987 classic followed the story of an ordinary man who meets a mean socialite. The latter loses her memories in a boating accident and the guy tricks her into thinking that both are a couple. The original did extremely well at the Box Office. The remake will see the roles reversed with the guy suffering amnesia and the woman is the one who cons him.

Christopher Robin – August 3rd

This is one movie that was an animated original but is being remade into a live action production. Christopher Robin will follow the story of an adult Christopher Robin who has become a workaholic as he encounters his childhood animal friends who try to teach him the value of family and friends.

Scarface – August 10th

Not everyone was happy to know that the original movie starring Al Pacino is getting a remake. But it is what it is. There has been a flurry of directors who have sat on and soon left the chair later on. Antonie Fuqua and David Ayer have both left the chair while the Coen Brothers are reportedly working on a script for the movie.

Robin Hood – September 21st

Robin Hood has been targeted for a movie adaptation multiple times in Hollywood. The latest one was the one directed by Ridley Scott in 2010 and starred Russell Crowe as the titular character. Taron Egarton stars as a young Robin Hood in this movie as he starts to learn the plight of the poor. The movie also has a solid cast so most are of the opinion that the movie will be a smashing hit.

A Star Is Born – October 5th

A Star Is Born has also been remade several times. The 1937movie has been reworked for a 1954 and 1976 adaptation. The newest remake will release on 2018 and follows the same storyline as the other three – A star whose fame is on the decline (Bradley Cooper) helps a girl (Lady Gaga) achieve that stardom herself.

 Mowgli – October 19th

Not long ago, the Jungle Book was released by Disney to worldwide critical acclaim. Warner Bros. is about to release the same movie but with a new story and premise. Originally titled Jungle Book: Origins, it has since been renamed to Mowgli and it will follow the protagonist’s journey to explore his human roots with the aid of his animal buddies as Shere Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) tries to hunt the human child down.

The Grinch – November 9th


It has been 18 years since The Grinch Movie starring none other than the talented Jim Carrey graced the big screens. The new movie will be an animated adaptation of the Dr. Seuss Classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The voiceover for the Grinch will be given by Benedict Cumberbatch and produced by Illumination Entertainment.

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