A New Superhero Joins The Team Flash In The New Promo

The Arrowverse has been adding n so many heroes right from the beginning that we have almost lost count of who all we have seen till now. The recent episode of The Flash was full of ups and downs where we saw drastic changes happening that lead to the original Team Flash to reunite yet again. Wally West left the team to explore himself and Harrison Wells from Earth-2 came back to Earth 1 and it looks like he is going to stay with the team for quite a while now.

Well, all these ups and downs were nothing as compared to what all is in store for the next episode -‘Elongated Journey Into Night’. The Flash recently unveiled the new promo for the fifth episode which gives us our first look at Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer). That means yet another Superhero is probably going to join the Team Flash.

In this Promo, you can see that Ralph is depicted as a police officer, who is given metahuman powers in a very famous incident of the Dark Matter explosion. Here is the promo, check it out.

Well, it seems like the show is going to alter the origin of this particular Superhero, as in the comics Ralph gets his powers by a chemical experiment which is conducted on him, and this experiment gave him the ability of elasticity. At first, The Flash suspects him to be the bad guy, but at the end, after Ralph proves it that he is not a criminal, the two join forces to become the saviours of Central City.

According to the promo as well, it seems as if this would be the case in the episode as well. We do know that Ralph and Barry have a history together, and the intro of the episode suggests that Ralph is an “Old Nemesis” of our very favourite Barry Allen.

Hopefully they do justice to this character and he is portrayed in the right way. This promo also showed another ‘Breacher’, who is played by Danny Trejo, as the father of the meta from Earth 2, Gypsy.

It seems that a lot is going on for Team Flash this season and they have finally figured out that all of them are being played as pawns in a big game and someone is using them as puppets. Well, we all know that they are going to find out that this someone is The Thinker.

The Thinker seems to be a great villain and he is the first big bad that is not a Speedster. He is the smartest person alive who will beat Flash and Cisco at their own game. Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker is playing the main villain of season 4. The actor is famous for his role in NCIS, The 100 etc. He is no stranger to larger than life characters. He will be the first ever non-speedster villain on the show. Although, the show has featured rogues like Mirror master, The Trickster etc. but they were just for an episode.


Instead of speed, he will use his brain to outwit Flash. The battle is called as The Fastest Man Alive vs The Fastest Mind Alive. He was also caught in particle accelerator explosion and became super intelligent meta-human who intend to solve everything wrong with the humanity. He will have help from “The Mechanic” who is another DC villain. She will be the right-hand person of “The Thinker”. Her character has been described as “the truest of true believers who’ll stop at nothing to help him implement his plan to fix humanity”.

Well it looks like The Elongated Man might be one of the pawns in the big game The Thinker is playing with the Flash and his Team. We will surely see this explore as the next episode airs next Tuesday.

Till now Flash has been pushed to his physical limits, Thinker will test his mental limits. He is extremely calculating and would be terrifying than Barry’s former adversaries who were all speedsters. The Flash knew how to deal with his kind but “The Thinker” is the fastest mind alive who will hit him hard and he would not even realize that he is down. Well, we can’t wait to see Flash and The Thinker coming face to face.

Tell us how you feel about ‘Elongated Man’ and ‘The Thinker’ in the comments.

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